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New York State Zombies Initiative Training: Preventing COVID-19 foreclosures and Zombie foreclosures - Shared screen with speaker view
Angella Davidson
Good morning- Will you be sharing the slides? Thank you.
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
Paul Payer
Does the statute specifically delegate determinations of vacancy by "local government" to a particular official (e.g., Mayor, Building Commissioner)?
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
No it does not.
Chip Nolan, M&T Bank
Paul, it does not. RPAPL 1309 references an "appropriate state or local governmental entity" without further specific definition.
Paul Payer
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
Chip is correct - and also doing a great job of assisting me while I have my hands full on another question! If everyone could please submit questions via the Q&A button, that would be appreciated. Thank you!
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
That is not my experience - DFS does look into mortgagees now
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
We've sent them plenty with unidentified mortgagees
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
The three municipalities I represent have received assistance, yes. But other municipalities are free to chime in!
Paul Payer
Great point earlier from Michael about connecting with code enforcement officers that are dealing with vacancy and foreclosure on a day-to-day basis.It may be a challenge to gain traction where lack of resources leave cities in a reactive posture, however the results are powerful where Cities make the effort to adopt proactive strategies to pre-identify vacancy/foreclosure and tailor interventions for foreclosure prevention and property maintenance.
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
Definitely, Paul!
Amanda Yang, Columbia Law School
Thank you again for tuning in to our presentation! As previously mentioned, if you have files and documents you think would be helpful for other municipalities, or comments and suggestions, please email us at nyszombiesinitiative@wnlyc.net. Once it’s ready, you will be able to access the website at http://blogs2.law.columbia.edu/nyzombieinitiative/. Huge thanks to LISC, WNYLC, the Erie County Clerk’s Office, and the municipal leaders who took the time to speak with us.
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
Thanks, Amanda!
Charlene Thompson
Are there opportunities for other land banks and/or community land trusts to participate in property donations. How might we access that?
Charlene Thompson
Will contact information for all panelists be provided?
Tamara Gifford
Charlene, please reach out to me at Tamara.Gifford@ocwen.com
Chip Nolan, M&T Bank
You can also reach me at anolan@mtb.com.
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
Charlene - I'm not sure what opportunities exist on the land bank end of things, but I would reach out to your local land bank. Additionally, maybe Chip or Tamara have some input on the donation side of things?
Samantha R. Axberg, Esq. (WNYLC)
You can reach me at saxberg@wnylc.net if anyone has any additional questions following today's event! :)
Charlene Thompson
Thank you