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Data 101 - Summer Policy Institute Prep Session 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Ashlea Krasnansky (She/Her)
Thank you!
Renee Alves (she/her), WVCBP
The Center's most seasoned veteran!
Ashlea Krasnansky (She/Her)
My hobby too!
Kim Kelly
Kim Kelly from Kentucky (I'm in Morgantown)
Carson Tucker
Hi all! Carson Tucker from Columbus, Ohio -- though I was born in Parkersburg :)
Haylee Heinsberg (she, her)
Greetings ~ Haylee Heinsberg, Director of Public Policy & Advocacy. Happy Summer and happy to be here with you today!
Renee Alves (she/her), WVCBP
Hey y'all. I'm Renee. I'm from the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy and one of the co-chairs of the SPI planning team. I'm from Fresno, CA but I've been with the Center for a couple years and moved to WV in 2021 🙂
Casey Willson
Casey from Gerrardstown. FCNL WC Advocacy Team co-lead and other stuff.
Ash Orr
I’m Ash (they/he) and I’m the Policy Outreach Coordinator for the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, as well as one of the co-chairs for the SPI Planning Team. I’m originally from Williamstown, WV but I am currently residing in Morgantown!
Chelsea - 84a Tech Support (she/her)
Welcome Kathryn! Everyone is putting introductions in the chat while Sean is getting started.
Kelsey Snyder
Hi everyone, my name is Kelsey Snyder. I am from Nitro, Wv and I am a senior at West Virginia State University majoring in social work.
Ashlea Krasnansky (She/Her)
Hi, I'm Ashlea Krasnansky. I am a senior at Marshall University, majoring in mathematics and (undeclared) computer science. I am minoring in communication studies and digital humanities. (I plan to get my PhD in a communication or public field.) I am a student director as well as the Social Equity and Inclusion Lead for the First2 Network. (I'm also a first generation college student!)
Catherine Gooding (she/her)
Hey folks, I'm Catherine from Morgantown, though I spend most of the year in Massachusetts as a Master of Public Policy student :)
Liz Brunello She/Her
Get your questions ready if you have any! 🙂
Renee Alves (she/her), WVCBP
Catherine has a question!
Chelsea - 84a Tech Support (she/her)
I'm just going to leave recording ON!
Haylee Heinsberg (she, her)
Webinar: Commonwealth Fund Commission on a National Public Health System – 6/21Bipartisan Policy Center - You can find the report here:https://www.commonwealthfund.org/publications/fund-reports/2022/jun/meeting-americas-public-health-challenge Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFqiZyGHpBQ
Chelsea - 84a Tech Support (she/her)
thanks for sharing Haylee
Liz Brunello She/Her
join the discord sean !!
Sean O'Leary - WVCBP - (he/him)
Sean O’Leary, Senior Policy Analystwvpolicy.org @WVCBPsoleary@wvpolicy.org @OLearySW304-400-8899
Liz Brunello She/Her
its gonna make you cooler
Renee Alves (she/her), WVCBP
Sean will be serving as one of our coaches during the 3-day convening, so there will be ample time to pick his genius brain!
Haylee Heinsberg (she, her)
I'm with you Sean... I'm old, old... never heard of Discord until I signed up!