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Separating Fear from Fact: Understanding the Realities of the Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
Matt Stauffer
You can submit any questions into the chat box here.
Matt Stauffer
Looks good
Based on current rates of transmission, when do you believe the rates will decrease to a "normal rate"?
Susan Hojer
Do you know when the Moderna booster should be available? Moving forward do you anticipate how often booster will be needed (every year or 6 months)?
Matt Stauffer
Looks good
Matt Stauffer
Please submit any questions into the chat and we will address as many as possible at the end of the program.
Iao Katagiri
What do you recommend regarding the timing of the booster shot, a regular flu shot, and a shingles vaccine shot? Can you have them at the same time? If not, how long should you wait between shots?
Matt Stauffer
We will share follow up information later via email with everyone who registered for today's event, and with Chamber members.
Matt Stauffer
Our next webinar will cover the end of the eviction moratorium and options for landlords and tenants to negotiate their lease. That happens this Wednesday at 12 Noon. Register here: https://members.smchamber.com/events/details/resources-for-landlords-and-tenants-when-the-eviction-moratorium-ends-18541