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AERO Conference - June 2022 - Shared screen with speaker view
Samantha Kifer
ABSOLUTELY! About child discrimination
Al M
Sudbury says ‘Trust’ is the essential requirement
Al M
…Trusting the kids
Samantha Kifer
WOW SO PROFOUND: be willing to be ridiculed because that's how change begins
Willow Oceanseed
I love philosophizing about education and I'm really excited by unschooling and sometimes I imagine creating 'schools' but when I vision my ideal of what a 'school' it's really a learning community that supports all the values that dayna talks about. so i'm curious how does the concept of 'learning community' fit into unschooling philosophy? sometimes I don't see much difference between 'free schools' and unschooling except that it's a place for lots of kids to go (maybe with less focus on parenting) but could there be free schools for unschoolers? questions I have!
Willow Oceanseed
Samantha Kifer
Are you familiar with Collaborative and Proactive Solutions by Dr. Ross Greene? Very in alignment with Partnership based parenting
Willow Oceanseed
wow, if my kids learned 'boundaries' in that way they wouldn't be very skilled with having boundaries of their own!
LOL. My youngest has never gone to bed before 1am. The reactions to this are so strong!
Samantha Kifer
DAMN I am SO inspired with how you held your own in that space Dayna!
Samantha Kifer
You spoke with clarity and confidence and stuck to your truth
Willow Oceanseed
my heart hurts so much when i see parents talking like in that video... i hope i can learn to let that stuff go and just trust myself...
Daniel Merino
I didn´t know you, and now I admire you so much. I´m with you, parenting is so ciritical. Love and support!
Michael Maser
Hear here, Dayna ... your story resonates with me. I learned to ignore the criticism (for the most part) and amplify what was clearly positive in the messaging I have created and shared about home learning and alt-ed.
Luba Vangelova
For anyone who is interested, here is an in-depth discussion about the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions methodology that Samantha Kilfer mentioned above, which is a parenting approach aligned with what Dayna is discussing. Actually, it's relevant to much more than just parenting; it can be used in any relationship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7P4Hu0NOW4w&t=4s
Willow Oceanseed
Is the book you were referring to Raising Human Beings: Creating a Collaborative Partnership with Your Childby Ross W. Greene, Jonathan Todd Ross?
Willow Oceanseed
that's the closest title i can find
Michael Maser
What a brilliant answer, Devin! “I'm happy, of course it's the right thing to do!”
Michael Maser
John Holt: “Trust children.”
Clara Atal
The interviewer was re calibrating his own belief systems as he asked the questions.
Michael Maser
Here's what I think is radical: separating children for hours every day, for months and years, segregating them by their ‘manufacturing date’, forcing them to sit in chairs, ask permission to attend to bodily needs, and ignore their own learning dispositions and passions ... and that's just a start.
Al M
Ya, Clara, That was cool -- especially compared to all those freaking out about 2 am!!
Al M
Yes Mike = radically wrong!
Clara Atal
Personal agency. No adult or child wants to have their existence dictated by others.
Samantha Kifer
Yep, and personal agency/control relates a LOT to mental health issues too
Answer from my oldest kid to “how do you learn?” = "I just play, that's how I learn!’
Samantha Kifer
Love that Sylvie
Stephanie Shuler
Thank you everyone. Great talk
Michael Maser
When my daughter left home to go to university - her choice that my wife and I totally supported - I ended up seeking counseling, for me, because I was quite distraught; I knew the separation was part of 'nature's plan' but, after after the deep bonds we'd formed as a family through years of home learning, and some schooling - I felt the raw edges, painfully.
Samantha Kifer
Can you speak to what your kids are all doing now as adults?
Clara Atal
Parenting is incredibly humbling.
Sabrina (HoustonEd.org)
@Dayna: Curious about the relationship with passive technology or social media for your children during their teenage years and maybe now? Did you structure screen time?
Michael Maser
Grounding, too, Clara. I know when I became a father I was thrilled to be thrust into a role that many billions of other men had gone through before me. I was scared, too, of course, but I had a good friend who helped prep me for what proclaimed would be an “exhilarating ride", which was so true. I wish men were more networked and forthright about such affairs!
Seeing how my kids in SDE learn math is so so interesting and they are so creative! And why do they always want to solve math problems at 10:30pm is beyond me, but it's my reality. LOL
Willow Oceanseed
i did that, so MUCH fun, my hands were killing me after just a few square inches of chainmaille though!
Samantha Kifer
How do you support the unschooling lifestyle? In terms of household income and how you economically support yourselves when you spend so much time with your kids? And how can we make this more accessible to families who maybe don't have those options?
Samantha Kifer
Sweet! Another fellow fire dancer!
Michael Maser
Your talk has been an inspiring walk down memory lane for me, Dayna, though I only had one daughter. It came with plenty of challenges but every day we all experienced a learning adventure.
@Samantha: for our family, we downsized our home and possessions so our costs are lower, and we find many items via the local Buy Nothing groups, libraries, go for free first, then look at thrift stores, etc…
Daniel Merino
What would you have done if one of your kids wanted to go to a traditional school, knowing what you know today?
Michael Maser
@Samantha we re-calibrated our expectations and sought and managed a life-style compatible with our choice to home-learn; this, of course. We didn’t go into debt but had two very modest incomes that supported us
Michael Maser
@Daniel Our daughter did choose to go to the local HS and we accepted her decision and supported her. It wasn't our choice to make by the time she was 14-15, it was hers. We just made it clear we'd support her no matter what she chose, including going to school or not.
Michael Maser
Overall, HS was pretty vanilla-flavored for her, by her own reflections.
Daniel Merino
What would you have done it she was 7 years old and asked to go to school?
Taryn Helper
I gotta go. Thank you Dayna- this was wonderful! Bye everybody,see y'all tomorrow...
@Daniel, my kids did ask that when they were younger, but its kind of a long story how we handled it, Happy to share via message on Whova
Michael Maser
@ Daniel in our case, our daughter did choose to go to school for one year, grade 5 as I remember it. It was very different than what she'd experienced, and she said one year was enough and she returned to free-range learning for the following 4-5 years.
Stephanie Sewell
My daughter chose school in grade 4, and stayed (mostly) til graduation. It was really hard for me to let her go, but it was definitely the right call to let her make the choice.
Daniel Merino
thanks for sharing everyone!
Samantha Kifer
Michael, hopefully you can add to that literature on learning, and support the education revolution!
Maribel Garcia
Thanks you Dayna!!
Samantha Kifer
Thank you Dayna!!
laura watson
Loved hearing about your experience, Dayna! Wish I would have been as bold when my kids were young!
Sosanna Andrikou
thank you!
Monica Kmetz Cochran
Thanks Dayna!