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Back To School: Communicating with Your Child's Educators w. Heidi Weber - Shared screen with speaker view
Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Thank you all for joining. Please use the chat or Q&A functions to ask questions of Heidi along the way.
Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Yes - for those of you joining a ZOOM webinar for the first time, unlike ZOOM meetings, you can see and here us, but we cannot see or hear you. If you would like to speak or ask a question, use the chat function or raise your hand.
Down Syndrome Association of Minnesota
Books - My Friend Isabelle (favorite)
Chris Choy Bush
Are there any buzz words/phrases to include in the revised IEP for distance learning?
Chris Choy Bush
Baur’s teacher is the general ed teacher versus the SPED class. We need to guide the general ed teacher to defer to the SPED teacher to support and assist with modifying the work.
Chris Choy Bush
5th grade!
Meagan Loken
An accommodations checklist may be helpful!
Chris Choy Bush
Thank you, Heidi! Thank you, Sarah!