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Colleen Dawicki
What's an idea you'd love to see funded through your local ARPA allocation?
Susan Mackey Andrews
Supporting local farmers to build irrigation systems for their farms - perhaps a regional collaborative to support this sustainability work to include irrigation, management, etc. Also childcare - essential!
Amber Daoust (She,Her,Hers)
Hi everyone, my name is Amber Daoust, I am a recent MSW graduate and am a career coach in Middletown, CT with Middletown Works and Middlesex Community College. I would maybe love to see a single parent support group for anyone interested. Thank you for hearing my voice/idea.
Eli Toohey
Eli Toohey, Project Director Barre Area Working Communities Challenge - Digital Equity projects and CHILDCARE
Tanya Emery
We're hoping to find funding for a commercial kitchen incubator here in Bangor, Maine!
Frank Nobile SPRJ
Core Member Springfield area WCC
Susan Mackey Andrews
Sue Mackey Andrews, Maine HighlandsARP funding: rebuilding childcare services, collaborative irrigation systems for local farmers due to drought, etc., repair and restoration of local homes to improve their quality and safety.
Kandie Cleaves
I'm Kandie Cleaves in Garland and would love to see reasonable internet access and transportation supports.ie, repairs, drivers ed
Anne Kandilis
Anne Kandilis, Director Springfield WORKS, 2Generation/Whole Family Approach to Careers regional working groups for community based collaborations. Putting families at the center and race equity/ARP strategies
Linda Morris Kelley (she/her)
Linda Kelley, Berkshire Bridges Working Cities Pittsfield
Brandi Carr
Brandi Carr, Williams College Intern with Berkshire Bridges Working Cities Pittsfield
Susan Mackey Andrews
Regional Substance Use Recovery Center and associated expenses to support children, youth and adults affected by SID
Susan Mackey Andrews
Colleen Dawicki
Just a reminder you'll get the slides if you registered!
BGC Newport
will this deck and recording be shared following today's presentation?
BGC Newport
Thank you
Linda Morris Kelley (she/her)
Thank you. Having the slides will be helpful
Colleen Dawicki
Feel free to start sending us your questions in the chat so we can tee them up for our speakers.
Huff Templeton (he/him)
With the tendency to move slowly, how do we get political leaders to spend more of the money in the first year vs the second?
Susan Mackey Andrews
Lacking a comprehensive county development plan, would it be advisable for counties (and perhaps municipalities also, to immediately organize a cross sector advisory group that could collect, assess, etc. the variety of needs possible?
Susan Mackey Andrews
I just need clarification - are these funds separate from the broadband funding currently in play in Maine?
Anne Kandilis
How is accountability built in as to the use of these funds? at the city level? Fed level?
Colleen Dawicki
We have a long list of submitted questions, but we're monitoring the chat to see if anything has emerged on this call. Feel free to drop them here!
Nancy Coan
Could someone direct us to the language in the ARPA bill that encourages (requires?) community input? Nonprofits in our city have a meeting next week with some of our City Councilors to discuss ARPA funding. This came about as a result of advocacy by NPOs and some residents. We see this as a start in the process of engaging the community in the planning process. However, I'm concerned that they will see this meeting as all they need to do to solicit community input. We'd like to be able to point out specific language and more examples of how the community should be engaged in the legislation.
Anne Kandilis
Can you define larger v. smaller city? thank you
Anne Kandilis
Where do mid-size cities fall?
Tamar Kotelchuck, Boston Fed
Working Communities and Cities places are well placed to help cities and towns figure out how to do that equitable recovery work!
Tom Pappas
To Anne K's pt on accountability, is there a focus on measuring impact outcomes and economics? Pols, taxpayers, local communities, funders - all will frame efforts, showing efficacy will be important not just for this year but also to build credibility in the next pub/pvt partnership. What defines "success" in each constituency's eyes?
Stephen Michon
note: the per capita allocation is for all municipalities (cities and towns) under 50,000
Peter Nalli, Boston Fed
Please complete the survey to provide feedback and receive follow-up: http://frb.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4UzyDtD6MWYBfqC
Peter Nalli, Boston Fed
(Including slides)
Michael Wallace
In terms of reporting requirement: cities over 250,000 residents must provide Treasury and the public an annual Recovery Performance Plan. Cities over 50,000 must provide quarterly expenditure reports. Cities under 50,000 must provide annual expenditure reports.
Peter Nalli, Boston Fed
Please complete the survey to provide feedback and receive follow-up: http://frb.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4UzyDtD6MWYBfqC
Anne Kandilis
GREAT session. Thank you!
Marie-Frances Rivera / she/ella / MassBudget / @MarieFrances_MA
Here is some information from MassBudget on federal funds and more! https://massbudget.org/covid-19/
Candace Crane
great job!
Amber Daoust (She,Her,Hers)
Brandi Carr
Awesome session