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Financing Climate Solutions via Sovereign Debt Reduction: A webinar raising awareness on a key issue for CoP27 - Shared screen with speaker view
Lindsey Fielder Cook QUNO Geneva (she/her)
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Catholic Climate Covenant
I have enables live transcription.
Jose Aguto
The study Aldo cited: https://www.jubileeusa.org/caliari_debt_relief_sustainable_development
Catholic Climate Covenant
If you have questions, you are invited to type them here. If you know who the question is addressed to, please add that info. We may also call on you to ask your questions. You will need to unmute if you are to ask your question outside CHAT. The moderator may group some of the questions if they are similar.
Andrew Deutz
In addition to the Finance Day event, Jean-Paul Adam of UNECA is organizing a session on African perspectives on the morning of the 10th at the African Pavilion and we (TNC) are organizing a technical session on the mechanics of how the transactions work and can scale on the afternoon of the 10th at the Nature Pavilion
Jose Aguto
IMF paper Aldo cited: https://www.imf.org/en/Publications/WP/Issues/2022/08/11/Debt-for-Climate-Swaps-Analysis-Design-and-Implementation-522184
Heather Newberry
Would anyone be able to share the paper that was shared early on in the call? I had to switch Zooms and lost it in the chat. Thanks!
Catholic Climate Covenant
A corrolary to Jose: Given the historical issues with “Debt for Nature Swaps”, how do we communicate the “new" type of DNS with civil society folks who may have an ingrained negative view.
Lindsey Fielder Cook QUNO Geneva (she/her)
Catholic Climate Covenant
Should we rename DNS to highlight the novel way to address climate financing and zeroing in on the “justice" perspective?
David N. Munene [CYNESA]
Debt in our African context has rootedness in historical injustices including colonialism and suppression. Increasingly, it is now used to even arm-twist the climate discourse by parties from our continent. Further, the plunder of natural resources including biodiversity and ecosystems renders Africa's susceptibility to propagated injustices. Is there any authentic assurance that debt for nature swaps won't just be another form of this ill?
David N. Munene [CYNESA]
Sure, I'll pass the regards
Sue Rheem
Thanks to the panelists and moderators for this informative webinar! good learning!