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ESJ Curious Listening Initiative - Shared screen with gallery view
Cynthia K Wade - she/her
https://mymodernmet.com/interactive-map-indigenous-lands/ This is a website where you can find more information on the lands of the indigenous people.
Art Mitchell
Book Dealer’s World Winter 2021 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award: “Women Peacemakers: What We Can Learn from Them” https://www.amazon.com/Women-Peacemakers-What-Learn-Them/dp/1734891408Barbe Chambliss Website: http://www.barbechamblissauthor.com/
Carlo Pierandozzi
I have to leave at noon. I love this and would like to be included in all of these evemts. Thanks
Carlo Pierandozzi
Cynthia Wade
Thank you for letting me back in. My internet froze, so I left and came back.
Art Mitchell
Carlo - yes! we hope you will return, and you are on the email list for events
Cynthia Wade
OMG, Thank you so much for reading this.
Cynthia Wade
It spoke to my head and my heart; made me laugh and made me cry. I needed to hear that.
Carlo Pierandozzi
I am leaving. Thanks to all of you.
Elders Action Network
Barbe et al. I am very sorry to have to leave early. I will watch the rest on the recording. Reminder ---- we will be continuing this discussion next Thursday at the same time - all will receive the Zoom link for next Thursday via email
Joanie Ciardelli
thanks ever so much for your talk and your Work. It confirms to me that the work I’ve done for 40 years has been peace building - a form that our organization , Pathways To Peace, helped bring forward at the U.N. over many years. Thank you for your commitment to peace on earth. And, did you interview dear Betty Williams?
Penny - Portland, OR
Next meeting, ESJ Community Conversation & Action.Thursday, May 27, 2021Info and REGISTER at: https://eldersaction.org/event/esj-community-conversation/
Penny - Portland, OR
SAVE THE DATE!September 10, 2021Why Elders? Why Now?Stay tuned for more information to come…
Penny - Portland, OR
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Penny - Portland, OR
Learn more about Black history and current events:PushBlack website - subscribe to Black history & current news: https://pushblack.org/PushBlack video - Darrell Scott https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qq5ZxEzfaYo
Penny - Portland, OR
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Joanie Ciardelli
this was very valuable, and beautifully done! thanks much.
Judy Atkinson
Beautiful group. I just popped in from Canada today. Thank you Barbe. Inspired me to remember that, in big and small ways, we are all peacemakers!
Penny - Portland, OR
Thanks for joining today, Judy. I hope you'll come back next week and beyond.