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Press Conference: City of Sacramento and Sac PD Sued for Police Violence and Repression - Shared screen with speaker view
Nicollette J she/her
thank you so much Meg, so powerful!!
David Greenwald
David from Davis Vanguard - what are you legal claims in the law suit?
Giacomo Luca, ABC 10 News Sacramento
Hello, I'm wondering are their specific dates and incidents or a range of instances that are being alleged?
Nicollette J she/her
and the surveillance/harassment continues today!
Dave Kempa - VOICES: River City
Dave Kempa from VOICES: River City - Reading Nicolette’s comment that the surveillance/harassment is continuing today: Could someone describe in what ways that is continuing to take place?
Giacomo Luca, ABC 10 News Sacramento
What do you hope accomplish with this lawsuit? Are there damages being sought and has there been any noticeable structural changes addressed/made within the Sacramento Police Department since these protest responses in 2020 and 2021?
Pilar Gonzalez Morales (she/ella)
First amendment retaliation and discrimination, 4th amendement excessive use of force, 14 amendment equal protection clause, failure to intervene, conspiracy, ADA claim
Giacomo Luca, ABC 10 News Sacramento
I'm hoping Jeronimo can also explain a bit more about his case, the allegations the department made against him, in reference to the experience he shared with us.
jeronimo aguilar
I believe your referencing AB 48