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Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Maternal, Infant, and Young Children’s Health in Rhode Island - Shared screen with speaker view
Stephanie Geller, she/her, RI KIDS COUNT
Please type questions you have in the Q & A and we will try to answer them live and allow time for questions after the panel.
Aidea Downie
Woot Woot! Amazing work SISTA Fire
Ana Novais
I need to leave earlier as I am also participating on a different panel at 5pm. That being said I wanted to stress the importance of pushing for policy, legislative, programing solutions that focus on empowering individuals, families and communities to be more resilient, stronger and healthier. Solutions that focus on improving education outcomes for children, assuring that all adults have good paying jobs, not just minimum wage jobs; access to affordable, healthy housing; access to early education and high quality, affordable early education and childcare for children; universal pre-k; making sure that our solutions move beyond access to health care, and shift to prevention and root causes, addressing the social determinants to assure achieving health equity. our core values of Voice, Choice and Equity will keep us grounded to do the work ahead. Thank you and my apologies for needing to leave early. Look forward to continue working with you all.
Quatia "Q" Osorio she/her
Thank you all. Thank you for all the questions, comments and concerns. I can be reached at info@urbanperinatal.org