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United Payette Plan Overview and PLT Update - Shared screen with speaker view
Sonya Mapp
Welcome! The Payette Land Trust Webinar will begin soon.In the meantime, please enjoy this video:"Song of the Land: Harmony of Birds and People in Valley County, Idaho"Produced for PLT by Patrick Newcomb.
john fisher
What are you doing at UP to use the market mechanism to fund consercvation? Legions of users from Boise and surrounding metropolitan areas use the Trust Lands without charge.
john fisher
Are you exploring user fees?
john fisher
The market mechanism is the greatest force for conservation if you will use it.
Sonya Mapp
Thank you, everyone! We'll get back to you with answers to your questions. Here is the United Payette Plan link: https://www.unitedpayette.org/the-plan