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Author Talk: Peter Ilgenfritz "Testing the Wind" - Shared screen with speaker view
Doug Howlett
Hi Peter...Great to see you! Patrice is here next to me.
Doug Howlett
Having just retired, I am going thru a transition and will pick up your book, when I finish the large book I am currently on about Winston Church and the Battle of Britain. I also enjoy the water and sailing, although I wouldn't consider myself a sailor. We also know several women going thru the transition of loss of spouse, possible divorce, entering the empty nester stage who may like your book.
Eric Ewing
Hi Arlene and Bob - As we chat I'm on Orcas Island - remember the lunch we shared near the ferry landing here decades ago?
Susannah Greenberg
thank you
Eric Ewing
Thank you Peter and congratulations. It's a wonderful book.