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January 13th, 2021 Chamber Lunch Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Excellence in Education - Tuesday March 23rd (Virtually)
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Ambassador Meeting - Jan. 27 at 7:00 PM
Britney Olsen- CERCC
I love Chugiak-Eagle River Boxes. Purchase for $50.00. Buy Online: https://conta.cc/34nUKOU
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Currently Speaking - Senator Shelley Hughes
Britney Olsen- CERCC
If each of our speakers would please put your contact information in the chat box we would appreciate it!
Cathy Tilton
Rep. Cathy Tilton
Brendyn Shiflea
What do you think the legislature's role should be helping the economy survive and hopefully recover & thrive- from the COVID pandemic?
Cathy Tilton
House D12 - rep.cathy.tilton@akleg.gov
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Currently Speaking: Representative Cathy Tilton
Britney Olsen- CERCC
If anyone has any questions that they would like to ask anonymously, feel free to private message me and I will ask it at the end
Sen. Shelley Hughes - Alaska
Senate District F Sen.Shelley.Hughes@akleg.gov 907-465-3743 Chief of Staff: Buddy.Whitt@akleg.gov; Legislative Aide: Lisa.Hart@akleg.gov. The number of contacts I receive is in the hundreds daily via email, messenger, facebook, text, calls, etc., and my staff and I do our best to review all that comes in. If you want a personal response/feedback from me when you weigh in, I recommend you call the office, and I will call you back.
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Currently Speaking Assembly Member Crystal Kennedy
Cathy Tilton
Cathy Tilton - Sorry for the broken up chat message. rep.cathy.tilton@akleg.gov 907-465-2199 my cell 907-232-2697 Always feel free to call, text, or email
Troy Sayer
Question, when it is appropriate, for Crystal Kennedy. While we don’t ‘really know how many Anchorage residents will eventually get the vaccine, I will be shocked if it reaches 70%, EVER. If our acting Mayor holds to that 65% - 75% number we will never open up. Does the acting Mayor and the assembly seem dug in on reaching this number in order to discontinue mandates?
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Private Questions - For Shelley: With 13 republicans in the Senate why is there talk of a bi-partisan majority running the Senate? The republicans reported to be interested in a bi-partisan solution are the same ones who ran the Senate last session. Didn't the voters say it's time for a change?
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Private Questions - For Crystal: The current take rate for the vaccine among first responders and high risk people is reported to be below 50%. If that holds the 65 to 75% take rate the muni is looking for prior to easing restrictions sounds like too high a bar to reach. Comments
Britney Olsen- CERCC
We are giving Assembly (Crystal) over 10 minutes to speak as she is representing the Assembly and Jamie at this time!!
Crystal Kennedy
Crystal Kennedy 351-1430
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Federation of Community Councils: http://www.communitycouncils.org/servlet/content/home.html
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Private Questions - Question for State Legislators: Could they consider a modified state sales tax where large corporations would collect a higher sales tax (such as 5%) and local businesses would collect a smaller sales tax rate (3%) - to really promote consumer spending at local businesses (a big issue that we've seen in this pandemic).
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Aaron Hopkins is the winner of the door prize - Musk Ox Farm Family Pass
Britney Olsen- CERCC
Private Messages - Has the state discussed or made any plans for how it will address the backed up courts with the court closures and lack of jury assembly?
Just a quick comment on the concept of shopping local versus at a big box store - Both employ local citizens. I have friends that own small businesses, but I also have friends that work at Walmart & Fred Meyer. It's ALL supporting local.
Brendyn Shiflea
greatest opportunity for the Chugiak/ER area?
Sen. Shelley Hughes - Alaska
My cell phone 907-841-1634
Britney Olsen- CERCC
I listening to the Anchorage Assembly meeting yesterday from 5-11:15. Thank you Crystal for representing our community with professionally and eloquently and asking the difficult questions