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Friday, July 24, 9:30 a.m., COVID-19 Update from DCH Health System and Restart Tuscaloosa - Shared screen with speaker view
J Donley
if I were an employer and wanted employees tested, how long does it take to get the test results
Deborah Anders
while I understand you cant open up for visitation at this time, could dch look at possibly allowing 1 person per patient?
Kelli Ball
UA is testing employees now. Will those numbers be included in Tuscaloosa county numbers? If students are from outside Tuscaloosa county, will they be included in Tuscaloosa county numbers? ADPH currently counts by county of residence, and no longer includes out of state numbers at all. This would cause positives cases to be underrepresented in our community.
For Andy: Will the change in reporting COVID-19 informatin from CDC to HHS affect what and how frequently you can share COVID-19 information with the community?
Stephen Dethrage
After the city's donation to the SBRF is spent, will the program end, go back to a community donation method, or change in some other way?
Amy Materson
For more information on the Small Business Relief Fund, or to apply, visit https://tuscaloosachamber.com/small-business-financial-assistance/
Catherine Davies
How are the food banks doing?
Brian Groeschell
Thank you to Bobby and all presenters. Much appreciated!