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The Melbourne Salon - Shared screen with speaker view
Kerry Mullan
Kerry Mullan
Please put your questions here in the chat.
Graham Neilson
Fascinating talk! A couple of questions: Why is the second cancer found in the Tasmanian Devils more worrying? And we know that some devils are being kept separate on other islands - is their separation going to increase their chances or survival or are they just as susceptible to the same cancer no matter where they are?
Antoine Dujon
If most multicellular species have cancer do you think the role of cancer in ecosystems is currently underestimated? Is there a whole part of the story we are missing?
Annabelle Pontvianne
Absolutely fascinating talk, thank you!I have two questions :1. Are there epigenetics of cancer?2. Are fertility and vulnerability to cancer inversely related?
Marion Cannac
Hi! Thanks for the nice talk. I have a question: Considering that the immune system has evolved for a long time, likely co-evolving with cancer, whereas the tumours evolve each time from the beginning: how to explain that the immune system still is not quite efficient against cancer?
Annabelle Pontvianne
Thank you very much !
Graham Neilson
Fascinating talk. Thank you so much!!