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Knowledge is an Art Form Competition Kick Off - Shared screen with speaker view
Bobby BlackHat Walters
On Nov 23rd, I released “Vaxed To The Max” for worldwide distribution. To date it has been played in the US, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Nova Scotia, Germany, Ireland, etc. My goal was to use my personal sphere of influence with family, friends and fans to motivate them to get vaccinated. My approach was to simply tell my own personal story and reasons for getting vaccinated in a non-threatening, non-judgemental way. Let me know if you think “Vaxed To The Max” has a place in your program. You can view it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/e_FnRxqp8XQ.
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Definitely submit that in the proposal process!
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Comment from the audience: I personally feel the resentment about taking the booster, but feel like those who haven't taken the first vaccine are not being confronted while we're taking boosters.
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Question from the audience: Is there a way to quantify this information to better strategize communications? (if there are more of a particular archetype?)
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Question from the audience: Have you been able to share your results to the community you got this research? Also, is the information coming from the community you gathered this from?
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Follow up question: How did the community respond to your findings?
Tidewater Arts Outreach
Follow Up: I really appreciate that response - sometimes researchers do not approach this in an effective way. Sometimes it's about creating results without building community relationships. Why were many of the quotes from very similar sources (black women of a certain age in this case)?