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Family Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Lou Freitas
Is anyone talking yet? I don’t hear anything.
Carrie O'Connell
no not yet
Mary Lou Freitas
Oh ok thanks!
Sabrina Santiago
I was informed just yesterday that day program in chappaqua could not allow Christopher to return to dayhab or receive pt ot speech due to the inability to wear a mask although he is vaccinated. This is due to the statement that ab is deemed a “health facility” and is following the cdc and opwdd guidelines. I need 100% clarification on this statement as i will need to make the decision to pull Christopher out of ab indefinitely so I can get him into a program that will actually provide him the services that he needs. It has been 480 days total that Christopher has had no medical care and 3 months since his vaccination.
Nicky Q
other day programs have started outings and community outings.. when will ability be allowing more out door /internshipships etc?
Karen Sullivan
What about residential having outside activities on weekends ?
What is the vaccination rate for staff at Chappaqua Day Program? Am I within my rights to inquire if Will’s new PT is vaccinated?
Joe Marciano
Is there any idea as to when day program in NY may be in operation again? Ane will zoom activities continue until then?
I am not comfortable with Will and an unvaccinated PT. Michele P has not responded about a request for Ann as Will’s PT