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CARES Act Implementation FAQs and New Developments - Shared screen with speaker view
Pete Boyle
All: NAICU will be making a copy of the slides and recoding of this presentation available following the webinar. It will be posted to our website: http://www.naicu.edu/research-resources/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-resourcesZoom will also send links to all registrants tomorrow.
Pete Boyle
ALL: we will be using the chat function today not the Q&A function. Thanks.
Matt Bierman
Student Employment - If a student lost their on campus student employment position due to COVID-19, would it be acceptable to prioritize this as a factor when distributing student grants?
Pete Boyle
Yes, MARCH 27
Matt Bierman
Can the funds be distributed evenly for eligible students?
Dawn Dirksen
Are there any sample documents to help determine need and allocation of grants?
Lisa VanDeWeert
Can the funds be distributed to graduate students? (I missed that answer)
Dawn Thibedeau
Can't seem to get an answer on how to distribute student funds - whether through AP or student accounts.
Janelle Blain
If we got our allocation amount, that is all we get for students AND institution? But we still need to submit and application for institution?
Janelle Blain
YES it can be distributed to grad students.
'Lola Kennedy
It can go to graduate students.
Melissa Dyson
Can we draw all of the funds and spend over time without any cash management issues, assuming it is within a year? We normally operate on a reimbursement basis.
Dawn Dirksen
If the funds cannot go towards existing balances, seems like must go through AP
Lisa VanDeWeert
It is my understanding that funds should not be applied to student accounts but rather processed through AP. Funds should reach the students in the form of a check, direct deposit, etc.
Cristen Alicea
Why wouldn't we be able to use our existing student accounts system as a pass-through to get funds into student hands, if we don't apply it towards any charges, and it gives us the ability to get funds to them more quickly?
Amanda Martin
Interested in the student account question too! Is it allowed if we bypass any existing charges and immediately refund.
Andrea Dooley
we are using student accounts as a pass through and issuing the refunds
Mary McGlothlan
it probably depends on if your campus SIS has the ability to process a refund even though a student has a balance
Theresa Martinez
Also interested in the student account question too. As long as funds only pass through the account and not stay there, I would imagine it wouldn't be an issue. Especially if it is clearly identifiable as a CARES Grant.