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FinTech North Virtual Manchester Conference - Shared screen with speaker view - Recording 1/2
Joe Roche
https://www.innovatefinance.com/innovationinfinance/ - Hi everyone, thanks for joining our virtual Manchester Conference! This is the page Charlotte mentioned, you can click on the photos for individual videos or watch the feature film
Joe Roche
Attendees, please feel free to use the Q&A function to ask our speakers questions throughout the event :)
Chris Sier
Thanks for kicking off the dialogue with the audience Joe :) Everyone, please do post questions you may have here and I will field them and pose them to our speakers both individually, and also on the panels
Chris Sier
My role in part is to ask questions - and if you don’t ask them through me then I have to think of them, which can be fraught with danger :)
Joe Roche
FYI - We will be sharing a recording of the conference after the event finishes. We will share this via our website and on social media :)
Chris Cobb
Thanks all great to see the sessions so far..I'm Chris Cobb, Investment Director @ Australian Trade & Investment Commission (Austrade) London, covering fintech, regtech (UK-Aus FinTech Bridge).. and space! I'd like to talk to any companies to explain opportunities in Australia as a potential expansion and/or a base for APAC outreach. I also am helping an increasing number of Aussie firms to set up in UK. I may not be able to stay around all afternoon so I'll leave my contacts Cheers Chris.Cobb@austrade.gov.au https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisgcobb