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Community Health Worker Voices on UHC - Shared screen with speaker view
Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
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Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
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Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
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Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
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Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
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Godfrey Ouma Haduba
I'm Godfrey Ouma Haduba from Kenya... CHWs are well represented
Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
Welcome, Godfrey. Thanks for joining the discussion!
Caroline Fuss
We will have time for Q&A at the end of the event. Please drop your questions in the chat box for the panelists.
Bet-ini Christian
Hello everyone. Bet-ini from Nigeria.
Moussa SACKO
My name is Dr Moussa SACKO i came from Mali , i adversor community helath for USAID/MIHR
Evans Rowa
Am Evans Rowa from kenya, community health volunteer in Nairobi, Mathare north health centre , dampsite unit . I become community health worker as results of seeing the gap in my community in term of prevelance of common communicable diseases.
Sarah Lindsay - Living Goods
Welcome Dr. Moussa and Evans! Thanks for sharing your motivation, Evans, CHWs are critical to filling the gap in health care
Greetings from Madagascar. I am Dr Yvette Ribaira. I am the Community Health Lead for MIHR global
Godfrey Ouma Haduba
greetings from Kenya I'm Godfrey Ouma Haduba community health worker, Living Goods/MoH ... inclusion of CHWs in decision making process and health systems, and motivating them will make realization of Universal Health Coverage easier.
Godfrey Ouma Haduba
Godfrey Ouma Haduba from Kenya.. well done Millicent
Maziko Matemba
Thanks our beloved community health workers we love and celebrate your work happy World Health Day 2022 Our Planet Our Health ..Maziko Matemba Community Health Ambassador in Malawi doing the best to promote the plight of our community health workers now we have new Curriculum for our community health workers to certificate level recognized by our Medical Council of Malawi and WHO as a means of appreciating our CHWs but more advocacy work is needed ...Maziko Matemba from Malawi
BATO Bagnan
I'm Dr BATO Bagnan, health économist , Togo
Godfrey Ouma Haduba
Michael Ouma 👋👋 doing good job
Carol Bales
Thank you for this webinar! Love hearing directly from community health workers! For World Health Worker Week this week, the FHWC is inviting CHWs and other frontline health workers to tell policymakers how to build the health workforce back better, learning from the COVID pandemic.We invite all community health workers and their advocates to add their voice to our campaign. Upload your video here: http://ow.ly/96Ou50IvoYPHear what others are saying:https://www.frontlinehealthworkers.org/whwweek-2022-video-campaign
Evans Rowa
The universal health coverage is a key pillar to realizing our community are safe especially the urban poor who cannot afford referral to seek medical treatment in specialize care, however the government has tried to register few beneficiaries to the universal health insurance cover there is still big gap to register our many households !...we need more stakeholders engagement to help in fullfiling full enrolment
Thank you CHW to have your voices directly eared globally and for organizers to gather all of these distinguished audience
Merci beaucoup pour vous ASC pour faire entendre directement vos voix au niveau international et également aux organisateurs d'avoir rassemblé cette auguste audience.
Evans Rowa
Bravo Milicent ,michael and Susan for saying as it is .community health workers need to be payed by our government's now!! we need be recognized as very vital component of health ✊
Caroline Fuss
To learn more about the progress of community health achieving UHC, visit our website to check out our community health scorecards: https://www.uhc4communities.com/copy-of-strategy
Emily Bigelow
Such an inspirational group of panelists - thank you for sharing your experience and for all that you do!
Gerhardea Marie Yvette Ribaira
Congratulations and we are grateful for your work CHW. Thank you, thank you
Pamela Onduso
Well done to all trhe CHW panelists. Hongera! So proud of everyone.