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DFAN Masterclass: Data Protection Bill 2021 - Shared screen with speaker view
Chandan Miskin
Hello All!
anurag goyal
How to understand data privacy in terms of digital marketing?
Chandan Miskin
Learn its impact from an Cloud/SaaS applications where usage/storage of data within India or offshore (outside of India)
Harvinder Singh Minhas
is indirect inference from anonymized data considered a violation of the privacy as per proposed bill ?
Harvinder Singh Minhas
what is the difference between provisions of this bill and those of GDPR ?
Amit Bansal
Is it applicable to dead individuals as well ?
Rajeev Seoni
There is a difficult balance between privacy and security - the security and intelligence agencies need "private" data to track criminals, stop terrorists, improve safety of citizens. How does the take care?
Abhiroop Roy
Has the data privacy draft considered and incorporated tenents of GDPR, California privacy act, other global practices.. how much alignment to these global regulations may be expected.
Sandeep Kapoor
The penal action may be stringent, but it's rendered toothless if culpability cannot be ascertained. For example, how can you prove that Airtel actually passed your PII data to Citibank?
Sunil Kinger
Hello Sameer, I will appreciate , if it is possible to cover the basic aspects of the data privacy bill and the impact that it will have . We can then take the questions.
Vinay Verma
is there different treatment for a "customer" and "interested party"?
Deepa Khanna
in addition how the data usage can be allowed in instant gratification in most consumer facing apps
Srinivas Rao
How is this law is applicable or interepreted for educational institutions? If results or score need to be verified, does one still have the right to forget?
Muralidharan Ramachandran
Any indication on the timeline that will be provided for ensuring compliance post enactment of the Act
Rajat Singhania
Great presentation Sameer
Sunil Kinger
Sameer, Thank you for the insights. DFAN, appreciate you organising this session.
Rajeev Seoni
Excellent! Very informative, very well presented and explained. Thank you, Sameer
Nilekh kumar
Is there any centralised system planned to be managed/maintained by Govt/regularatories for critical data ( Inside India) ? Also whether companies appointed DPO will need to get certification from Govt ?
Srinivas Rao
Does, Organisations have any compulsory data protection period/ time? or auto deletion of information?
Rajesh Garg
What happens to the existing data already taken by various companies without the specified elaborate consents of users? will they be exempted or they need to take explicit consent even for existing data which was taken before this act comes in effect??
Sukanya Acharya
TO what extent is compliance required with the global regulations like GDPR given the fact that Indian law is yet to be passed?
Sanjay Prasad
Thank you so much for an interactive session.