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Creative Response Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
lynn Crandall
Hi, I brought Yolantha Harrison-Pace, an artist and art writer from Louisville, KY to the 2010 SAH conference. She was a hit there and was invited to go to Singapore by another member of SAH. Yolantha and I are still in touch and we are working with the HUD Veterans Affiliate Group Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Arts, Math and Medicine - STREAMM 50 State Pipeline. This is a good opportunity for us to work with Nat'l Vets and Black Lives Matters. Lynn Crandall, Los Angeles. This is for Share
lynn Crandall
Oh, I forgot to say that Yolantha is African American and, I think some American Indigenous.
NOAH National Organization for Arts in Health
Highly recommend this film Mary Curtis is discussing. On Netflix!
Cathy DeWitt
Yes, there was a lot about it on NPR yesterday! Several programs had reviews, interviews etc.
Marianne L. Barthel
What programs are your institutions implementing to address racism in the workplace?
Marianne L. Barthel
Or for providing a safe space for BIPOCs to express their experiences
Lorena Bradford
I have to hop off to get to another Zoom meeting but thank you for creating this space for us to come together!
Cathy DeWitt
How bout--Broadening the Box: Revisiting programs that have been successful in other settings or with other populations and discussing whether they could be revised to work in this context.
Marianne L. Barthel
Thanks everyone! I have another meeting now. Have a great day!
Jill Swanson
how do we make an open environment for all but keep the main focus of art and expression
Emily Clanton
I need to go back and reread, but this book explores the divide btw communicating in images vs written words: https://www.amazon.com/Alphabet-Versus-Goddess-Conflict-Between/dp/0140196013
Emily Clanton
Pictures are accessible to everyone. No special training required, usually
Juliet Lockwood
Arts for Liberation is hosting a 3 week arts exhibit celebrating Juneteenth our white group was welcomed to share our consciousness raising art being made.
Kathryn MacDonell
thanks- I must leave too.
Juliet Lockwood
Gaelen McCormick
I need to hop off. thank you all fo rthinking about our own perspective, our own need for self-education, caring and opening space to hold this conversation. I'm continuing to think about how we can use the arts as the vehicle to open space for talking circles, for sharing viewpoints, for creating safe space.
Sara Brown
Thank you for providing a safe space to connect over these crucial conversations.
Daniella R. Carlson
Suggestion for next time group: Looking for essential truths - poems speak to essential truths
Lisa Tessier
Public Art responses
Kimberly Kirklin
Thank you!