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EASJ Community Conversation - Shared screen with gallery view
Art Mitchell
Social and environmental responsible invensting - If you missed it - Link for Oct. 15 EASJ-CLI recording - Put in chat:https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/mOdGHFHL05mFZ7cjePZtLDMKpKU1Ebr_fjEoB7Cq1NqiyL4FvGTd8IG8K99tDUgxiV9jt5elhLSRxpWH.w0hTe5Kz4M00YoBE
Art Mitchell
>>>>> Children's Psychological Health Center - Programs & Projects:http://www.childrenspsychologicalhealthcenter.org/about/programs-projects/Children's Psychological Health Center - Dr. Gilbert Kliman http://www.childrenspsychologicalhealthcenter.org/about/gilbert-kliman-md/
Art Mitchell
Reflective Network Therapy in the Preschool Classroom - G Kliman
Art Mitchell
>> Responsible Parenthood - G Kliman
Jessie Rios
Gilbert Kliman's email: gilbertkliman2008@gmail.com
Penny - Portland, OR, Atfalati/Chinook
Help needed by Dr. Kliman and associates:
Penny - Portland, OR, Atfalati/Chinook
PublicityPress ReleasesGrant writingFund Raising on Social MediaResearch on outcomes of treatments (some preschoolers are now in their20's and 30's)Research on guided activity workbooks (some measures are built in for followup)Reading to home-bound childrenContracting financially with school systems to license them to distribute our copyrighted MY PANDEMIC STORY, MY HURRICANE STORY, MY FLOOD STORYEmail campaigns to attorneys in crucial psychological damage and civil rights cases (the hysterectomy horrors, George Floyd time travesties)Video editing to create documentaries from our client-permitted treatment and interview archives.Administrative assistanceAppointment management
Penny - Portland, OR, Atfalati/Chinook
1) Writing: Help me create a new, large call to action textbook for teen-agers: I've beguncollecting notes for it.Theme:Teens: Be aware and take actionThere are multiple adult-created crises facing your world. They intersect and can ruin your futures. You can become part of the solutions.THE CRISES:Childism:abuse, starvation, wars fought by children and youth, economic preference for adults, lack of child care, lack of family planning, lack of health care, less money for education than for military budgets.....PandemicsClimate crisis: neglect and denialSocial and economic injusticeRacismSexism.......more.....THE SOLUTIONS:Organizations you can joinTasks with which you can helpActions you can take2. Fund-raising: Especially to train more African American and Latinx psychotherapists and psychoanalysts at the Harlem Family Institute. Direct emailing and public relations via press releases. Find a space in upper New York that can be donated to Harlem Family Institute..3
Penny - Portland, OR, Atfalati/Chinook
3. Enhance social justice through targeted civil litigation: Expand the new forensic service of The Harlem Family Institute. Correspond with African American attorneys throughout the United States... Publicize cases we have already won.4. Voluntary administration: in conjunction with the small adminsitrative staff of Harlem Family Institute.6. Coordination of volunteers.
Debbie Dax
I am unable to copy or download the information being shared in chat. Can someone please send this info out in an email?
Penny - Portland, OR, Atfalati/Chinook
Yes, Debbie. Give me your email please and I'll send it to you.
Robert Whitehair, San Mateo, CA Ohlone
We all thank you Dr Kliman
Teri Whitehair
Thank you so much Dr.Kliman
Ellen Burbano
ellenk.burbano@verizon.net please send me the chat!
Art Mitchell
Next: 19 November (post election)
Art Mitchell
January - weekly course - Me and White Supremacy (book) Wednesday mornings
Ellen Burbano
Dr. Kliman, I am so thankful and grateful to you for your work and for your presentations to this group!
Art Mitchell
next year - bridging divides and deep listening
Robert Whitehair, San Mateo, CA Ohlone
FYI to everyone. This group discussed private prisons in New Mexico - the NMERB voted to divest themselves of stock ownership. The NMERB received hundreds of letters including ours
Cynthia Wheaton
Yes! Magazine has a special issue and has done much work on bridging divides. Might be good source of guest speakers/resources.
nancy margulies
This is a great video that addresses how we end up so polarized: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LqaotiGWjQ
nancy margulies
liked the opportunity for many to speak. Very interesting info. Could have included short video to demo the network process.
Art Mitchell
Children's Psychological Health Center - Programs & Projects:http://www.childrenspsychologicalhealthcenter.org/about/programs-projects/