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Conversations That Matter - Shared screen with speaker view
OTAC Colorado
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Julie Silver Seidle
THANK YOU for joining us! HAPPY OT MONTH!
Julie Silver Seidle
The face on that dog! LOVE!
Lisa White
LOVE this Shannon
Linda Crawford
Great point Shannon-person centered OT "speech"
Lisa White
wholeheartedly agree- do what fill us up and brings us joy :)
marci Penner
I am remembering when I was an OT student (back in the stone age…) how nervous I was to present and speak in front of a crowd. You did a great job!!
Alison Dwyer
Really great information and a reminder to get outside of our comfort zones to push ourselves and OT forward!
Amy Kashiwa
I am curious if OTAC employs a legislative lobbyist who lobbies on behalf of the group? I live in WA state and our association pays for a lobbyist
Lisa White
I’m curious from a student’s perspective what you would like to see more from professionals who are in the field… anything to support you in your education?
Cassandra Park
Beautiful presentation Shannon! Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us.
Amy Kashiwa
This is very valuable information. Is the topic of Advocacy addressed in the curricular design of your program?
Lisa White
Was that meeting with the representatives shared out? I don’t recall seeing it. Wonder who else saw it.
Julie Silver Seidle
I encourage practitioners to consider being a fieldwork educator!
Julie Silver Seidle
Your presentation was FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us!
Gina Larson
at CSU a 2nd year class is called "reflective and evidence-based practice" which I think you'll enjoy- for everyone, there is some great research on how we become "change agents"
Gina Larson
Muriel Driver Memorial Lecture 2013: Embracing our role as change agentsMarcia L. Finlayson Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy 2013 80: 205 originally published online 28 August 2013DOI: 10.1177/0008417413499505
Linda Crawford
thanks Gina!
Marquesa Felker
Thank you Shannon!
Alison Dwyer
That was great Shannon! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and passion!
Kyley Jones
Shannon, you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing this awesome presentation. What a perfect time to reignite the OT passion in all of us :)
Cass Stevenson
Wonderful presentation! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion.
Gretchen Reeks
Thank you very much. Love the passion!
Thank you Shannon, good luck .