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Finding Scholarship Dollars for College - Shared screen with speaker view
Jonathan Cutler
hello Amy Burk
Randy Redner
Thanks everyone for joining us and if you have questions you can put them in the chat or the Q&A section.
Randy Redner
Yes we will be sending the recording along with a copy of the presentation and contact information for all the presenters.
Amy Burke
Many scholarships are aimed toward current seniors, so you will have to wait until you are a senior to apply. But it is a great idea for Juniors to begin looking to see what is available (you may find some you can apply for early!). Pay close attention to requirements!
Christy Norris
Our interpretation feature is now up and running!
Kevin Morell-Santana
thank you
Karen Howell
Interested in Dual Enrollment Information? Click the link and we can text or email you information:https://forms.office.com/r/h1x8RnCxXb
Randy Redner
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