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It isn't New: The Role of Psilocybin and Ketamine in Youth Mental Health Treatment - Shared screen with speaker view
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Welcome! We’re going to get started shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to introduce yourself and how you fit into the world of youth mental health. If you’re joining us as a group, let us know how many people are tuning in with you! Please post your comment to ‘All panelists and attendees’.
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Welcome! We’re going to get started shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to introduce yourself and how you fit into the world of youth mental health. If you’re joining us as a group, let us know how many people are tuning in with you! Please post your comment to ‘All panelists and attendees’.
Peter Varnum
hi all, Peter Varnum with a few hats: Orygen Global, Healthy Brains Global Initiative, Stability Network. and my own lived experience. tuning in from Oslo, Norway
Tegan Baker
Hi everyone! My name is Tegan Baker and I am the Stakeholder Engagement Specialist here at Frayme. So excited for this webinar — please write in the chat where you’re watching from today! :) I’m in Toronto, ON.
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Hey Peter!
Jonathan Alderson
Hi - Jonathan Alderson here, CINO @ Noetic Healing, an education division of the Noetic Fund. With 25 years of front-line autism teaching/ therapist training, I am deeply interested in the psychedelics/ youth space.
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
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Elyse Cottrell-Martin
Hello, my name is Elyse Cottrell-Martin, I'm a Program Evaluator at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), I'm based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. I'm also a college professor, and researcher at a university.
Joelle Therriault
Hi all I am a clinical social worker in independent practice here in Toronto. I also do work in schools.
Abdul Gilzay
Abdul from Toronto Addiction Serivces
Alisha Fisher
Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre in Peterborough, ON... Prevention Education Team :)
Una Wright
Hi Everyone, I am the Founder of YouthSpeak Performance Charity.
Trinity Mainville
Hello Everyone! Thanks so much for this! I'm a student counsellor at Addiction Services York Region!
Karen Leslie
Karen Leslie, adol med physician at SickKids
Emma Firsten-Kaufman
Hi all! I'm a Knowledge Broker at CAMH in Toronto. Currently working with some local researchers studying the use of various psychedelic substances for substance use treatment.
Brenna Kelly
Brenna Kelly, family and natural support social worker with the anti human trafficking team at Covenant House!
Aranie Vijay
Hi everyone! I'm a Research Assistant at Stella's Place in Toronto and a health economics grad student at UofT.
Basil Kadoura
Hi all! I am a resident at SickKids (currently rotating through Adolescent Med)
Nina Salazar
Nina Salazar, Project Coordinator at the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction
kim sauve
Mental Health and Addictions Nurse with Home and Community Care Support Services Central
Tegan Baker
Such a diverse group on the line today! Cannot wait for the Q&A! Welcome everyone who is just joining the call now.
micaela harley
Hi everyone!!! So excited to be here. I work at Frayme as the Sr Engagement and Knowledge Equity Lead!
Meaghan McCloy
Hi! I'm Meaghan McCloy, working on provincial projects at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. Looking forward to this webinar!
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
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Dan MacKinnon
Hi there, Dan MacKinnon from Connect Youth in Prescott ontario
Tegan Baker
Hi everyone! I'm Heather, the Operations Lead here at Frayme. Like everyone here, I'm also really excited for this topic.
Katelyn Greer
looks awesome!!!!
Una Wright
Yes, great feature!
judy Robertson
I am a crisis worker at Pathstone Mental Health (Child & Youth) in Niagara
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
If you have any questions for our presenters, please feel free to type them in the Q&A box
Peter Varnum
which mood disorders have psychedelics been tested for?
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Thank you for the question Peter
Jonathan Alderson
Could you speak a bit more specifically about YOUTH and psychedelics. What are the particular issues with youth?
Ksenia Tchekalin
Great presentation! very interesting
Victoria Villanueva
I was wondering has there been research about strains of mushrooms (like golden teachers, Tri-Colour Ecuadorian) or Is there only one kind of strains that has been research?
Victoria Villanueva
Also is age development also a factor when using it?
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Thank you for the questions Victoria! We noted your questions
Aranie Vijay
Hi Victoria, I have heard of some research with different strains. There's a mycologist in the US, Paul Stamets, who has done and currently is, researching different mushroom strains for various medicinal and non-medicinal uses.
Emma Firsten-Kaufman
Is there any research incorporating the perspectives of Indigenous people who have been using some of these substances for many years for spiritual/ceremonial purposes (e.g. ayahuasca, peyote)?
Victoria Villanueva
Tegan Baker
Great question, Emma!
Katelyn Greer
also very interested in that question Emma!
Sukhdeep Jassar
Love that question Emma.
Victoria Villanueva
@Aranie Thank you for letting me know. Do you have the link of the research?
Sukhdeep Jassar
If anyone has resources to share about brain development and psychedelics for youth - would love to read! Thank you
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
Here is the article that Julian referenced: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/frontburner/magic-mushrooms-and-therapy-in-canada-1.6127100.
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
It will be shared in the post webinar email as well
Victoria Villanueva
How expensive was this treatment and is there a way that more marginalized and people with low to no income can access this?
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
Thank you all for these questions. Devika and I are recording them down for the Q&A period at 1 PM
Sarah McNamee
I'm wondering about legal/ethical issues in supporting minors who self treat (illegally) with psychedelics. Harm reduction seems a bit less complicated with adults, but with minors, could the use of illegal substances (especially when parents support it) clash with youth protection laws? Do we have data showing the basic safety of these substances with minors and youth under 25? I realize these questions are bigger than a zoom webinar can address, but they seem important to start digging into
Katelyn Greer
^totally agree Sarah!
Tegan Baker
^ Really great points, Sarah. Thank you for raising these questions!
Victoria Villanueva
Are we going to hear the youth perspective of psychedelics usage?
David Kryszajtys
Hi all, I will discuss the youth angle in the Q&A period.
Peter Varnum
great quote - 'depression is telling yourself lies about yourself, and then believing them'
Tegan Baker
^absolutely, Peter! Thanks for sharing.
Heather McLaughlin
Thank you, Julian, for sharing your powerful experience as a youth with mental health and ketamine treatment.
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
We want to thank everyone for their participation and the great dialogue in the chat. To clarify, at Frayme we recognize that youth is term that surpasses chronological age and that can, and does, include experiences upwards to 30. We welcome everyone to join us in valuing and validating all lived expertise of mental health and substance use challenges.David will also speak more about the youth perspective during the Q&A to provide some more information.
Tegan Baker
This is incredibly powerful, hearing your story. Thank you for sharing, Julian.
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
Here is a link to Julian's documentary which will also be shared in the post webinar email:https://www.cbc.ca/radio/docproject/ketamine-assisted-therapy-lifted-me-out-of-depression-but-it-remains-costly-and-controversial-1.6068333
Wiplove Lamba
Thank you so much for the personal story and sharing your psychedelic therapy experience and the earlier talk on the very important research question being explored. I'm looking forward to seeing the outcomes of the research. There is so much "magic" that can happen as people's narrative and world view evolves.
Joelle Therriault
So grateful for the opportunity to join today. Thank you for generously sharing your work David and lived experiences Julian. Lots to think about!
Una Wright
I do have to leave, but wanted to say thanks so much. This was very informative and I appreciate your courage in being trailblazers in this field.
Aranie Vijay
Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Julian!
Tegan Baker
The cost burden is staggering, so what can we do? We can advocate for expansion of clinical treatments, to include psychedelics based on empirical, evidence-based research, discuss it with people in our own spheres of influence, in an effort to make this treatment more well known, reduce the stigma and get it onto the agendas of policymakers and other persons who hold great influence. What else?
Sukhdeep Jassar
Thank you Julian and David. Julian- hopefully your advocacy and story-sharing will create change needed for others to access psychedelics for treatment.
Tegan Baker
This has been an incredibly informative webinar, thank you so much to David and Julian for sharing your expertise on this topic!
Nina Salazar
Thank you Julian.
Ksenia Tchekalin
Amazing story and story telling Julian, really moving
Sukhdeep Jassar
It it depends on who’s knowledge is considered valid!
Emilie Mallia
A huge thank you to both speakers. The expertise and experience shared today made this a very worthwhile presentation! Looking forward to checking out the podcast Julian!
Elyse Cottrell-Martin
This was absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.
Karen Leslie
I think that it is important that young people can bring their interest in considering this ‘therapeutic’ use for themselves in order for health care providers to exploring the possible risks and benefits involved. I do think that this is different from a health care professional being the one to ‘advise or endorse’ that an adolescents use these substances at this point (as I personally would need additional evidence to better understand if and how the short and longer term effects play out)
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
Great point Karen
Sukhdeep Jassar
It sounds similar to other supplements that are designed without the plants taken from other cultures. Thanks David!
Ksenia Tchekalin
Great point Karen. Based on the strong influence that set and setting have on the result of the experience, it's important to highlight to young people considering it how important those elements are in it actually helping
Emma Firsten-Kaufman
thank you both
Sukhdeep Jassar
Thanks Frayme for setting this up - super informative and stimulating :)
Ksenia Tchekalin
That's only about 34 patients a year
Jonathan Alderson
Psychedelics don't have addictive properties. They are notably not addictive... therefore lower FDA classification.
Trinity Mainville
Thank you
Trinity Mainville
sorry if I sounded ignirant
Devika @Frayme_Cadre
NO its a great question Trinity
Tamir @Frayme_Cadre
Not at all Trinity! All questions are valid :)
Ksenia Tchekalin
Fantastic seminar!
Trinity Mainville
Thank you all so much
Tegan Baker
Thank you so much, everyone!
Karen Leslie
thanks…thought provoking session!
Kelli Wuerth
Thank you!
Neil Mac Dhonnagain
Thank you both for the presentations today. Fascinating insights from you both!
Aranie Vijay
Thank you!