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Building Decarbonization Opportunities in Wisconsin and Beyond - Shared screen with speaker view
JOE Dubaniewicz
I have a 5 year old heat pump (16 SEER) and a hybrid water heater and rooftop solar, so I'm doing great, right? I am thinking of upgrading to a 18.5 SEER heat pump and adding a few extra solar panels. Will it be worth it?
JOE Dubaniewicz
Is one of your targets third-party community-solar/renewables (in WI specifically)? Other states?
Elise Couillard
Some companies are counterbalancing carbon emissions by supporting solar installations, I think this is an honest Carbon Neutral trade.
Elise Couillard
Of course it doesn't Replace becoming energy efficient and reducing consumption, but it is a step, and it advances electrification, which we need.
JOE Dubaniewicz
Is the energy load on a family in a rental situation being addressed by grants?
JOE Dubaniewicz
Milwaukee is trying to get that energy load issue resolved.