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Palliative Care & Metastatic Breast Cancer - Shared screen with speaker view
linda salaty
is there sound at this time for anyone
David Harris
for me ther eis sound
linda salaty
thanks i might have to cut off and reenter
Gina Chicotel
Friendly reminder - if you have questions for either of our panelists, please type them here!
Sandra Scafaria
Does oncologist have to order palliative care or can patient call and make appt directly? I go to Cleveland Clinic in Sandusky, Ohio. Where is the physical location of palliative care team?
Thanks for this talk. Can you share how patients can easily locate palliative care docs, if their onc does not refer them? I know www.getpalliativecare.org is one resource. Are there others?
Christine Lantzy
I am the rare patient who doesn't want to die at home. I am a retired HWR nurse who would prefer to be in Hospice House. Would a bed be available for end of life care?
Thanks to Komen and to the speakers for holding this session. Personally, I find palliative care to be immensely helpful in managing my MBC (& I'm still on first-line therapy & thankfully stable). They assist me with any side effects, pain, physical therapy, end of life advance planning, etc. I would recommend it for any MBC patient at any point in their diagnosis.
Gina Chicotel
Thank you for sharing, Paula! So happy to hear you're stable but also benefiting from palliative care.