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A Visit with the Secretaries of Agriculture for the Region - Shared screen with speaker view
Karyn Malinowski
Just to let everyone know, NJ has more horses per square mile than any other state.
Mike McGrath
What do you need from Federal ag policy going forward - number one priority.
How are the states working to strengthen family farmers and deter the encroachment of huge agri-business?
Michael's iPhone
Tell us about your plans to support indoor agriculture in your state. Do you have any plans to work together with other states to promote indoor agriculture?
Carson’s iPhone
What role can agricultural educators play in advancing the policies and goals set forth for 2022?
Susan Payne
What is the greatest threat to ag related to climate change?
Jennifer Irene Wendling
Not a question, but thank you to Secretary Redding for acknowledging the partnership with the land grant university system and Extension!
larry daugherty
what is being done for new meat processers in Pa most grants are geared to existing meat processers in my area lot of processers are retiring and the processing plants are on their farms so no one can really buy out
David Webster
We represent a company called HPI Farma. They are growers of commercial hemp and CBD oil and derivatives. They are based in NY state but also buy some Hemp from PA. Are there any special programs for Hemp growers or processors in and of the States?
David Webster
In any of the four states
larry daugherty
most farms in my area southwestern Pa are 100 acres or less grants are hard to come by to expand is there any grants being proposed to help increase small farming practices
Bob Hornby Hunterdon (NJ) CADB
How do you address the structural issue of attracting the next generation of farmers with the high cost of entry and low return?
Kurt Fuchs
What can ag stakeholder groups be doing to better partner/support the major initiatives of your Departments? Thanks for what you all do to protect and promote ag in your respective states!
Stephanie Shirk, Penn State Extension
Acknowledging policy details trickle down to individual implementation, how can local communities, governments, and industry support and assist the aforementioned agricultural challenges? Thanks for offering your insights today and all you do to support agriculture!
Vered Nohi
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Vered Nohi
Kudos for a valuable program!
thank you!