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TSF Guided Writing Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Jay Koebele
Do you hide your spirituality from others? Why do you do this? Be specific.
Jay Koebele
Do you have secret judgements about your own spirituality? And if so, what are those judgements?
Jay Koebele
If you were to integrate your spiritual values more fully into your life, what might change?
Jay Koebele
Do you ever feel like a spiritual imposter In your life?
Jay Koebele
We would love to hear from you. Please share here in chat, or, raise your hand.
E. Duffy
For me, it's a matter of balance. I share where it's likely to be understood or accepted without judgement.
E. Duffy
In other cases, it can be damaging to share where it's NOT accepted.
Emma Jarrett - she/her
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Karen Miraldi
As I’m more obvious with my spirituality I have noticed I free up more of my creative energy. I live more from my authenticity and awarenesses.
Alyse Plotkin
What E. Duffy said is exactly how I feel. I share with those close to me.
Gillian Ingham
i know when my experiences started in 2015 and my journey took me to America from a small road and family life in south west London - it had to be done. There was no space for my spirituality or religiion at all. Nearly six years on, i wouldn’t change a thing. This is the hero’s journey - just in case anybody is on the same path! We are all spiritual beings living a human experience
Muriel Karr
I hide everything about myself, unless questioned directly. In my silence, I feel safe.
Jay Koebele
Do you feel superior to people you perceive to be "unspiritual?" Why or why not?
When is spiritual egotism a problem for you?
Gillian Ingham
Not so much superior or woke or religious - although i am questioning that now - but different somehow. and the felt difference can easily become a judgment because of the need primarily to preserve, to keep myself safe, quiet and true to myself. Yet everyone is on their path - even my father, who has just been released from prison early to live out the rest of his days with my mother, because of Covid. Do I feel superior to my parents? No.
Gillian Ingham
Am I angry? Yes
It's not a matter of superiority or inferiority but rather a recognition of being at different developmental levels (ala Spiral Dynamics). A child that hasn't learned to walk yet isn't inferior to an Olympic athlete, but they are operating at different developmental levels. I think it's valid and even important to recognize those differences.
I do, however, judge when I see damage being done. Case in point: our last President:-).
gary meltzer
Elyse hit the same approach as I took....Ken Wilbur's states and stages approach on the way to "Integral,"but no holier than thou for anyone who is at an earlier stage or inferiority to anyone ahead. Can we open our hearts and help each on our journey without getting stuck in spiritual materialism or some thought that my degree of awakening is in any way better than yours
Lorilyn I love your paintings!