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Jay’s iPad
Would you consider: Surfing Time Restrictions:  Daily  ‪10AM to 7PM‬? The wake from surfing wreaks havoc on water skiing.  We all know the surf rollers can cause damage to the shoreline if surfing occurs too close to the shoreline.  There are more water skiers than surfers and the water skiers have lived at the lake for a much longer period of time.  Surfing boats came about approximately 15 years ago.  The proposed time restriction is not intrusive to surfers; giving them 9 hours of surfing time.  Water skiers should have a right to ski without the nuisance of surf wake which could be quite dangerous to a skier.  Mrs. Martonik
Mike Krupa
If you have any questions for the candidates, please type them into the chat and please remember to identify yourself.
Jocelyn Thompson
How do you feel about allowing children to drive golf carts on our streets (children=anyone without a driver’s permit or license)?
Doug McMullen
Please ask everyone to speak towards the microphone, Can hear Tom, Tony, Paul & Tom well. Thanks, Doug McMullen
Jay’s iPad
Would you consider increasing assets by changing off road sticker pricing to vehicle weight instead of type? Mrs. Martonik
Allen Fry
1) When it comes to the security at of the lake, our community is extremely public and we have no knowledge of who is coming in and out. What do you candidates think about cameras being installed at the entrances, and around the lake and hiring more security? LLPOA Security is not on 24/7 and cannot be everywhere at once. - Allen Fry
Jay’s iPad
the big 6 seaters compared to the small golf carts
Michael B.
There is great discussion about limiting the speed and flow of boat and how close to shore the can be, who believes fishing in the middle of the lake is appropriate on the weekends given the influx of people from 10AM to 5PM . Given there are restrictions on how close you can be to boats as well.
Michael B.
If appropriate why would it be if it creates a safety issue.
Justin Safran
if you limit the width of this lake you would ruin it.
what are your thoughts about adding speed bumps to some of the newly paved roads.
Justin Safran
before the lake sells a boat sticker, why wouldn’t the lake make them take an online test about Latonka boating rules? if they do not pass or take it, no sticker.
Jay’s iPad
Should members be required to have a boater safety ID card indicating they completed the safety course in order to purchase a motorized boat sticker
Michael B.
Other than security cameras which I believer are important, what is your opinion the role of technology on the delivery of information to the community at large given 50% of the residents are not full time?
would you consider having outside companies doing construction work, lawn care, etc an annual fee to come into lake Latonka to do business since some of their equipment etc damages our roads
Jay’s iPad
Mrs. Martonik did not ask about speed bumps. they wreak havoc on boat trailers. the IPad person is someone else
we used to have speed bumps!
Michael B.
Many of your mentioned diversity in the community on your application, there is only one person who does not fall into the typical make up of the board, how would you encourage more diversity in the board?
Do you think it important for BOD's to have lived here a minimum number of years to gain knowledge of the community? Mr. Jordan has been here at least a month!