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12. Blind Ambition/ RNIB: New Year, New Me , Be Your Own Boss - Shared screen with speaker view
Alice Archer
Hi Marimar, we can't see or hear any of other attendees on this call as it's set up as a webinar. Just type in here if you have any questions.
I’ve been my own boss for almost 24 years. As a musician I’ve played on all kinds of events like weddings, business functions and theatre shows. I’ve been incredibly lucky through all this time. I started from zero, had neither a business plan nor marketing strategy, only myself. Through networking, I had customers who supported me through all these years, and I could easily pay my mortgage. I had friends whom I could trust in choosing things likemy logo, and the heading of my invoice paper, and an accountant who was very helpful with my administration (I delivered my administration in Word). But I now have to think of a new business idea, starting from scratch effect. and not sure I will be so fortunate next time....
Alice Archer
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Alice Archer