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SPAC vs M&A: What Founders Need to Know - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Addison
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Mark Addison
Jay Powers
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Stephen Robertson
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Robert Glowniak
Amitava Das
1) it seems like SPAC's are valuing companies multiple of 2 or 3 years revenue in future whereas MA seems to be on the multiple of next year's revenue. is that correct? How does it translate to founder's return including lock up. 2) how does the spac sponsor make money besides founders of the company
Channing Hamlet
Amitava -- Great question. My observation is that companies in different stages of development and different sectors are typically valued differently. Some are valued based on current profit where others are valued based on future performance, etc... We are seeing the SPAC market normalize along these lines where the valuations are situation and company specific.
Stephen Gregorio
Confirming that existing SPAC holders will continue to hold their warrants even if they redeem. And can you speak more to the warrants being held by the SPAC sponsors and the SPAC investors. Thx
Stephen Robertson
I hear talk of quality of Mgt, quality of earnings - how about quality of intellectual property / technology that underpins growth / revenues?