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Feather River Tourism Workshop 1 - Shared screen with speaker view
Nancy Francine
Carl, one quick question - what is the intended duration of this workshop? I do have to leave for another meeting 12:30-2:00 - sorry about that!
Carl Ribaudo
12:30 but ok to leave when you need to.
Kevin Sweeney
Emily's comment made me think about how *healthy* this area is. Clean air, clean water, and lots of opportunities to get outside and move around.
Kevin Sweeney
Affordable housing for lower wage employees...both seasonal and otherwise. There is very little housing for waiters/hotel workers/etc.
misty salem
One of the challenges from tourism would be protecting the Maidu Native American sites.
Lindsay Wood
Snaps for Wild and Scenic rivers, Darrel. I’ve got to sign off. Plumas County has world-class whitewater, but sadly it is only available intermittently, at the whims of PG&E