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BRE in the Time of COVID: What are we learning and how will it change economic devleopment - Shared screen with speaker view
Mark Barbash
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Mark Barbash
Participants will receive an email with a Google Drive Link which will contain all of the presentations.
Mark Barbash
Yes. You will receive an email that contains a google drive link that will contain all of the presentations
Eric Canada
To Hillary's quesition, balance will be increasingly hard to achieve. Fire fights are hand-to-hand. Therefore, we need to focus on ways to increase our bandwidth. In part, that is old and new partnerships and not trying to do everything ourselves. For example, we are working with Southern Illinois on a plan that will tap into the recently retired executive pool to help provide the type of direct services companies need on a host of issues beyond those we normally deal with. Greater Dubuque, Iowa, set up a call center system to help direct resources to those who need help. Creativity will differentiate the best EDOs from the rest. We cannot do it all ourselves. How will you innovate.
Ayten Anderson
Thank you all!