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Sleep 0-4 year old Q & A - Shared screen with speaker view
My little one is 10months old and has started fighting his 2 daytime naps, when do the 2 naps drop to one daytime nap please? He sleeps well through the night at the moment (fingers crossed) x
Suggestions for sleeping later in mornings? My 1 YO and 2 YO wake around 5-5:30am. When bedtime was 7pm, they woke before 5am. We have shifted to 8pm, but can't get them to sleep until 6am. Both only nap 1 per day, limiting 1YO to 2hrs and 2 YO 1.5hrs. Have blackout shades and white noise.
Sorry missed a bit! Is there anything I can do to help the day napping? x
Saskia @ Mush
when is a good age to start weaning off night feeds and how to go about doing it?
further to my twin question. getting them in tandem - they wake up at different times. can I wake the other one up if one wakes? will this teach them to wake up more often?or should I just let them sleep as long as they want
how many hours should a 7mo nap in the day?
My baby is 9 months old and has always been very active. How do I settle/calm him down to get to sleep? I have a routine (dinner, bath, feed, book, etc.) but he often is too active to settle and can be crawling around/climbing/standing for at least an hour after that.
Jeorge-Jina Anderson
Hi, my little one is 8 months and she sleeps well throughout the day and when it comes to bedtime at 8pm she will sleep but she will wake up after two hours and then won’y go back to sleep until 2am
Also my 3.5 year old was a brilliant sleeper. She got quite anxious during lockdown and now she’s up crying multiple times a night, she says she needs the toilet/drink etc but I’m pretty sure she just wants us in there. How do we help her fall asleep on her own and sleep through again as if we leave her or don’t go in she winds herself to panicking/screaming/tears. We’ve tried delaying going in but then she takes longer to get to sleep once we go in and I can’t hear her so upset!
Carlene Fitzpatrick
sleep is awful at my house 😭. My 8 month old doesn't really sleep. His first nap of the day is about 30 - 45 mins then it's downhill from there. He fights the second nap and then bedv time is awful will sleep for 30mins then wakes up every hour. I also have a 3 year old that still doesn't sleep through and ends up in our bed every night . By 3am I'm so tired that I bring him into need so it's 4 of us in a bed so it just doesn't work.
I think my daughter is ready to go down to two naps a day as she is fighting the lunch time nap. however she only ever naps for 30 minutes at a time and I'm not sure just an hour a day is enough. she's 10 months old. should I try and keep pushing the three naps a day?
Cheryl Duong
my 21month was previously sleeping in his cot but now co sleep with us, how do I get him back to his cot?x
my son is 34 weeks and we are trying to avoid feeding to sleep but this is resulting in 2 hour screaming and crying at midnight. how do we deal we deal this, it’s very stressful?
Also, my daughter can roll both ways but she gets so upset when she wakes up on her tummy, I can settle her back but she will only sleep about 10 mins at a time. How long will it be before she gets used to this? It's already been 2 weeks!
Gemma & Holly
what age should sleeping bags be used until?
Ani Szijjarto
Hi there,
if they get do overtired is there anything we can do
Another issue is that he cannot get comfortable in his cot. We suspect the mattress may be too firm for him. He sleeps a little better with a foam travel mattress on top of the actual mattress, but he still wriggles/crawls in his sleep until he reaches the top of the bed, hits his head and wakes up. What could I try to solve this?
Hello, I have a two year old that regularly wakes up in the middle of the night crying. We’ve tried to let her ‘cry it out’ but she now knows how to escape the cot. Do you have any tips to help her settle in the middle of the night? thank you
Ani Szijjarto
My daughter can only feed to sleep,day and night.She is 9 months now,and can't be rocked.She is not able to self soothe,and the crying out method is not for me.How can I teach her to self soothe? Also,she would not nap in her cot,only on me.How can I make her nap in her cot? Thank you
is there any other things to use other than my t- shirt to help my 11 month old sleep by herself without waking up through the night?
Is there a way to stop/reduce feeding milk at night to help the baby settle to sleep? He has always fallen asleep when feeding, wakes up hungry, often crying as soon as he wakes up. Although at one point he could sleep for up to 6 hours, he is now back to every 2-3 hours (and has been this way for a number of months now).
Amy Newman
Hi Kate, thank you for all your help so far! We have really struggled with our daughters sleep since the change in sleep cycle around the 4 month mark. She is coming up to 6 months now. We feel like we have almost nailed the day time naps and have also improved to a nice calm bedtime routine, but she still wakes up a lot through the night. Sometimes waking up every hour and we struggle to settle her without feeding. How can we work towards longer stretches of sleep again? We are all pretty exhausted now!! Thank you very much 😊
Do’s iPhone
hi my baby is 6ms but having a severe regression. i am following Gina Ford book but cant seem to pinpoint where it went wrong
Do’s iPhone
would u be able to give us some advice
Alina & Alexander
Hi, my baby is 8 months old and his sleep at home is good following on some of the recommendations from you Kate so thank you! We have all the usual, white noise, blackout etc. However when out and about it's quite the opposite and very stressful as is usually a tantrum almost every time going down in a pushchair (no issues in the car). If he does go down then it's just for 1 sleep cycle. I got a snoozeshade which didn't seem to make any difference and will try white noise. Anything else you could suggest that might help? I'm pretty much housebound because of this:(.
Natasha Beeharry
hi kate is it ok if baby feeds to sleep for some naps but settles for others? only 5 weeks in so I know it’s still early 😊
Amy Newman
Our baby, coming up to 6 months, seems to really fight sleep. She’ll be almost asleep then suddenly wakes herself right back up again! How can we help with this and keeping her calm? Thank you!
she mentioned putting baby down to sleep at night awake - does that mean that feeding to sleep is not something we should be doing. they often fall asleep while they have their pre bed time bottle
Having successfully done sleep training at the beginning of lockdown, we had a few months of great sleep. However, a couple of months ago, when my son figured out how to stand in the cot, we started having issues getting him to fall asleep on his own. We reverted back to boobing to sleep for about 6 weeks. He has just started falling asleep in his cot again, without the boob, but only if I'm next to the cot. How can I get away from having to stay by his side until he sleeps. The thought of having to do the whole sleep training thing now (he'll be one next week) when he's far more aware, fills me with dread.Also, my son is quite a late sleeper but a late riser too. Do you have any tips on how we can shift his sleep timings please? I need him to wake up earlier when I return to work. We've tried a few times without any success.Thank you! x
Hi, sorry not a baby, my little boy won’t go to sleep unless I’m lying in bed with him. As a baby he settled himself to sleep well but he’s developed this need since my marriage broke down & he now lives between mine & his Dads. He doesn’t need Dad to stay with him but I guess he has me wrapped round his finger, so takes advantage of that. He’s just turned 4. Separated from his Dad 18 months ago & he’s adapted well living between two homes, but I’d really like to get him to settle himself to sleep without needed Mummy. Do you have any tips please?
Alina & Alexander
Got a question around dropping daytime feeds due to weaning but still waking up at night asking for milk please.
Alina & Alexander
awesome, thank you!
Alina & Alexander
Sorry, my 8 months old has dropping daytime milk feeds as weaning is going well however still wakes up at 5-6am wanting a feed. Then back to sleep until 8am. Bedtime is 7.30pm.
Jeanette, have you tried moving closer to the door every night so he gets used to seeing you removing yourself from the room slowly and stratigically?
My 6 month old wakes up 6 times at least at night and he won't go to sleep unless he is on my breast. His naps are the same. Never ever falls asleep unless it happens on the breast. I can't take this anymore. If his dad tries to put him to sleep he cries to the point of sobbing uncontrollably.
My 9 month old has become very sensitive to sound after the first 3 hour phase ends after bedtime (the time I need to go to bed!). So she wakes when I enter the room and wont go back to sleep for a couple of hours. how can I enter the room without disturbing her as she can sleep through (on the rare occasion I don’t wake her!). is the awareness/sensitivity a phase? thanks
Thanks so much :)
Aline Mutro
My 5 month old daughter turns 360° in the cot. Usually wakes up crying, even after her naps. Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable and safe?
Erjona’s iphone
my 3 month old is really really fighting the day naps, the only way to put her asleep is while breastfeeding and she will sleep on my chest. so she stays up from 8.30 am to 11 am then sleeps only 10 min. what to do?
What is the best way to help a 6 month old self settle during night time wake ups? You say about taking away sleep props but do we have to let him cry it out?
It has been going for months
My baby is 2 and half and he wasn't a good sleeper, now he start sleeping 8 hours within 24 hour; thankfully, now he start sleeping in the night. How can I help him to sleep atlist one hour during the day time?
thank you!!
thank you, very helpful for a first time Mum to be!
Thanks all and good luck on our quest for better sleep..