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Pivoting Under Pressure - Shared screen with speaker view
Chantal Chantal
will this presentation be available to us to review afterwards?
Columbia-Harlem SBDC
Yes this presentation will be on our website
Columbia-Harlem SBDC
You can also email sbdc@columbia.edu to receive the link
Yael Cohen
how do you shift a business of online fashion jewelry? women don't buy jewelry now in this pandemic time. I cant find a creative way to transfer my business to be desire
Bruce Sterman
Dan how would you adjust the image on the screen now, Rotating to the New, for startups
Alexis McSween
Some of us now need a new team... the C.E.O. can't be the only one pivoting.
Renee Keitt
How do you do this for a city? How can they pivot ? Government is a business? Government has an effect on business.
Lona Gill
people are covering their face and skin. my product line has skin, face and hair. how do I pivot.
Chantal Chantal
I work in music. It has been a bloodbath for performances & festivals worldwide, but in the US especially since they look at the arts as a "nice to have, not a need to have." How do we pivot and manage when the future is so uncertain? online concerts or streaming is not going to pay the Bill's, but may increase audience.
Byron Darden
I’d be curious to hear what anyone suggests regarding how to get a CEO to recognize and take action to tap into the great talent existing within the company.
Byron Darden
Nokia sat on the smartphone and then passed on it. Apple picked it up and look what’s happened!
Barbara Lewandowska
Any advice for professional services company?
Bruce Sterman
Dan, would you expand on the drone delivery idea - 5lbs now, 10lbs soon? Are these private drones or a will it be drone delivery company?
Yael Cohen
This was by far the most interesting and inspiring professional zoom meeting Thank You so much!!
Maurice Singleton
Will we be able to see a copy of today's presentation?
Lisa Ali
I’ve been saying that people look like muslims now that they have to cover up you can always try to cater to the muslim community
Yael Cohen
Columbia-Harlem SBDC
Thank you everyone for joining us today, Thank you Dan as well. Look for the Pivoting series in June.
Lisa Ali
thank you