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Guaranteed Income: Moving from Pilots to Policy (BA AFN) - Shared screen with gallery view
Beth, Asset Funders Network
mona masri
Our webinar is being recorded today and will be sent to all attendees.
mona masri
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mona masri
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Martina Hrvolova
Echo Michael's points on the child tax credit. Happy to share data from Humanity Forward's initial survey of CTC recipients. In this summary report, we highlight key findings from the first wave of the study, focusing specifically on how families plan to use CTC payments and their early perceptions of the expanded credit. The full report, examining the impacts of the CTC on families relative to a comparison group of households that are ineligible for the CTC, is forthcoming in early 2022! https://a.storyblok.com/f/84073/x/b296e09e24/humanity-forward-report-9-17-1.pdf
Chris Hoene
There is also excellent research from the Urban Institute on the significant reductions in poverty that would result from the permanent expansion of the CTC. https://www.urban.org/urban-wire/increasing-child-tax-credit-could-drastically-reduce-child-poverty#:~:text=In%202019%2C%20Urban%20Institute%20researchers%20analyzed%20a%20child,would%20reduce%20child%20poverty%20by%20nearly%2040%20percent.
Diane Kahn-Epstein
Big thank you to Mayor Tubbs, Supervisor Mitchell as the GI movement leaders here and AFN/SCG for this solution-focused forum! The City of West Hollywood is excited to launch the first GI pilot for LGBTQIA older adults (50 years+) living on a low income. Hoping to add to the narratives mentioned here.
Paola Silvestre
Martina Hrvolova
Thank you!