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Making the Most of Your ESSER Funds: Reflecting on Recovery & Redesign Plans Before Finalizing SY22-23 Budgets - Shared screen with speaker view
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Drop your questions here when they arise and we'll try to answer them in real time
Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
Welcome. Please introduce yourself in the chat! Include your name, district, and the enrollment size of your student body.
Lynne Pampel
Lynne Pampel, Newburgh Enlarged City School District
DeAnne Danley
DeAnne Danley, Assistant Superintendent Surry County Schools in NC. 7500 students
Edward Manuszak
Eddie Manuszak, Dundee Community Schools Superintendent, Dundee, Michigan, 1,800 size.
AASA Webinars webinar@aasa.org
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Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
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Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
Here’s the new resource we’ll be discussing today: https://links.aasa.org/3ck6RQl
Heath Oates
Heath Oates, El Dorado Springs, MO. 1150 students
Jamie Burgess
Jamie Burgess, Nome Alaska. 700 students
Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
Draft--but don’t send--responses to any or all of these questions:1) Where do you come out on the case?2) What barriers would you face?3) How can you/we mitigate them?
Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
Send your responses now!
Edward Manuszak
Dundee wants to make sure we have approval from our state liaison (improvement of air quality). Is there anything more we need to do to make sure we have our ducks in a row from the folks at USED as well?
Jamie Burgess
1) I completely support - circumstances have changed quite rapidly in the time since ESSER funds have been available. 2) Barriers would be COVID fatigue on the part of administrators and teachers as well as Board, time to bring Board and community up to speed on the WHYs of the changes and 3) clear communication
Dan Gordon - EducationCounsel (he/him)
To access the full resource click here: https://links.aasa.org/3ck6RQlBut to access the individual Self-Assessment Tools, use these links:Plant Seeds: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NrgkjN0u7dPYIp8i9prdc-fiDFtZVGNG/export?format=docxCenter Equity: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zxg71kQvmRnfvkX3B-BErolEI1NrustH/export?format=docxUse & Build Knowledge:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E5aiBI-4PuktHUKDYnZS8l6A87a5Q0gH/export?format=docxSustain Strategically:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aEbtFP2vd7_GlbywTwuZnc8KJxBroDv_/export?format=docx
Noelle Ellerson Ng
Just over 2 minutes left in this mini work session!
Dan Gordon - EducationCounsel (he/him)
Which Guiding Principle did you pick? What are your initial reflections? Reactions to the Self-Assessment Tool?
Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
To access the full resource click here: https://links.aasa.org/3ck6RQl
Ellie Cash, EducationCounsel (she/her)
Please provide feedback on the resources and/or suggestions for what else would be most helpful: https://tinyurl.com/Recovery-Redesign-Feedback