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Early Head Start Technical Assistance- Program Models - Shared screen with speaker view
Karen Tylek
Welcome, everyone. Please introduce yourselves here in the chat.
Debra Kelly
Hi Everyone, I’m Debra Kelly a FCC coach for AllOur Kin/Early Head Start in New Haven, Connecticut
Staci Croom-Raley
Greetings everyone! Staci Croom-Raley, National Executive Director, HIPPY USA
Deniqua Matias
Good afternoon. DeNiqua Matias, Assistant Director, Clinton Hill Community and Early Childhood Center.
Natalie Renew
We are excited to have you all here. Please share your questions here or in the Q&A.
Maria Goss
Good afternoon, I'm Maria Goss from Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning, (DECAL), Director of EHS-CCP.
Margie Wallen
The ELV program model graphic is a great example of something that could be included in an EHS-CCP application
Karen Tylek
If you have any questions for Judy, please share them here or in the Q&A
Karen Tylek
The next TA session is September 2nd. You can register here: https://homegrownchildcare.org/early-head-start-ta-program-management-planning-oversight-systems/
Judy Williams
ELV uses the state subsidy as the base layer, and the EHS is second layer which on average is $700/per EHS child per month.
Natalie Renew
Here is the All Our Kin report: http://www.allourkin.org/sites/default/files/WhitePaper-Dec2018-final-web.pdf
Margie Wallen
Home Grown will offer a 60 min TA session on the topic of budget development and the program implementation plan and timeline on Sept 10th from 2-3 pm ET. Stay tuned for registration for this event soon, which sill be posted on the Home Grown EHS application webpage.
Judy Williams
Karen Tylek
You can find recordings of our earlier sessions on our site under the Webinar Recordings tab. https://homegrownchildcare.org/early-head-start-application-resources-for-home-based-child-care/
Debra Kelly
I can not unmute
Debra Kelly
The second most popular incentive for providers to partner with EHS-CCP was being recognized as a higher quality program.
Margie Wallen
Find more info on the program models featured today on the Home Grown EHS application webpage in the Program Models Resources section at https://homegrownchildcare.org/early-head-start-application-resources-for-home-based-child-care/
Natalie Renew
Quick reminder: this session is 90 minutes long and ends at 3:30pm EST. The webinar will be recorded and posted on our website.
Margie Wallen
Some examples of curriculum used byfamily child care providers include Redleaf Press, Creative Curriculum, and HighScope
Debra Kelly
We use Creative Curriculum and our providers use TS Gold online for entering observations and assessing children’s development. This system also produces outcome statistics of those assessments and providers create individual child action plans based on those outcomes.
Margie Wallen
Yes! Engage your state agency partners, esp. your state child care administrator, as you develop your application and ask them for a letter of support. And, as you implement the grant if its funded, meet frequently with your state systems leaders and other EHS-CCP grantees in your state to work on policy alignment and overcoming challenges
Debra Kelly
TS Gold is Teaching Strategies Gold a Creative Curriculum extension.
Donna Emmons
Your State Head Start Association is also a great resource if you choose to write a grant.
Jessica Sager
Yes! We all need to take time to celebrate our wins more often. :)
Debra Kelly
Yes, recruiting and an orientation before contracting.
Margie Wallen
There are many good examples of the spillover effects of EHS-CCP in the Reports section on the website. Also See this report by Child Trends on this topic at https://www.childtrends.org/publications/extending-the-benefits-of-early-head-start-child-care-partnerships-for-children-and-families
Margie Wallen
I also know of EHS-CCP grantees who do private fundraising to pay for things like diapers and formula for non-eligible children served in EHS-CCP settings
Natalie Renew
Tell us what other TA and resources you need. Please share here any feedback and additional needs.
Karen Tylek
Thank you for joining us today. You can register for our next TA session on September 2nd here: https://homegrownchildcare.org/early-head-start-ta-program-management-planning-oversight-systems/
Margie Wallen
Thank you!