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HRCTD Monthly Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Leti Valle (she/ella/her)
I noticed that transportation was third priority for City Council - I made sure to include bus stops in my survey response as top priority
Leti Valle (she/ella/her)
Current City Council Goals (Goals are not in order of priority)GOAL: Create opportunities for an inclusive and diverse housing inventory.GOAL: Inform and engage all segments of our community through transparency and proactive, inclusive and comprehensive outreach.GOAL: Promote an efficient, safe multi-modal transportation system that alleviates traffic and parking congestion and encourages bike/ped transportation.GOAL: Create a more environmentally sustainable community.GOAL: Maintain existing infrastructure and prepare for growth.GOAL: Address community needs for parks and open space.
Leti Valle (she/ella/her)
Link to survey: https://cityofhoodriver.gov/council-goals-input-2021/
Their transportation goal needs to actually include the word Transit.
Leti Valle (she/ella/her)
Thank you, Kathy - yes it is missing the word Transit.
Leti Valle (she/ella/her)
I will recuse myself from making decision on next steps for Assistant Director as I have expressed interest in potentially applying.