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Rosedale Family Webinar 3: Home Routines That Benefit All - Shared screen with speaker view
Jennifer Hoofard
my kids earn points for finished work and good behavior that they can use for screen time after school.
Stephanie Pichard
Attendees, can you please make sure you select "All panelists and attendees" in the To: list otherwise we cannot see your suggestions.
Crysta Silver Hill
Sorry- I copied my messages- Here it is for everyone! a big specific thank you and an hug- If it's a bigger thing - choose the movie we watch as a family, play a game of their choice, a special treatWe are so glad to have Fran!We also have a special plate that they get to use at dinner if something great happened that day- sometimes its just a way to recognize them.
Crysta Silver Hill
Fran posted: I have lists for my kiddos. my husband and I talked about what we wanted out of lists and routines then talked about it with our kid and got their input.and we do use reinforcements for them
Crysta Silver Hill
Fran posted: I like asking them to show me how they think it looks like. just to clarify I am fran, norms wife.I use specific praise. I love how you....we also use a token economy. we call them fluffle puffs. they use them to earn money for the games they play.
Stephanie Pichard
Do you reward (points or tickets) for each items of these lists?
Stephanie Pichard
I have older kids to I have to be smart about this!
Norm Richards
Norm Richards
it was cracking me up.
Norm Richards
I have just started taking an uninterrupted shower (because corona) but we had the conversation with my girls so they didn’t think I was ignoring them
Norm Richards
Crysta Silver Hill
I think sometimes having the adults on the same page can be the hardest part! ;)
Crysta Silver Hill
So true- kids are so smart!
Stephanie Pichard