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North East Scotland Food & Drink Network Event - Creating competitive advantage through sustainability - Shared screen with speaker view
Iain Findlay
Hi…where can we access the recording of this afterwards?…I have to duck out half way, unfortunately. Thanks
Iain Findlay
Yes…I did
Elizabeth Mathie
Hi yes, you will get access to the recording afterwards.
Andrew Manson
Hi all, I have a poorly toddler who's finally got to sleep, so I'll be on mute and have my video off! Would also be great to access the recording afterwards
Iain Findlay
Sorry to have to duck out so early, but I will check in with the recording. I might be able to rejoin if my other ends early.
It's helpful to see some broad categorisations of shoppers and how this can impacts habits. Lots of thought-provoking information - thank you Amanda! We obviously need to be careful about putting shoppers in pigeon holes or judging people simplistically in what is a very complex landscape. Not at all suggesting that this is what is being encouraged, but just thought I would highlight as it is an easy trap to us to fall into.
Rachel Gambro
Great to see Dunnet Bay pouches - what was the environmental health impact of this change? How have you measured the environmental saving you have made using this system?
Rachel Gambro
Amanda - Do you have any evidence on the best way for companies to communicate their sustainability values to the consumers - as everyone is at a different level of acceptance, across the three categories you spoke of
Amanda Brown
I'll have a look and see what we have that helps demonstrate how brands communicate their credentials.
Adam Hardie
zero waste Scotland tell us that food waste is so much a bigger challenge to addressing our carbon footprint than plastic - consumers not there yet - appreciate that we are an industry group - but i wonder what more can be done to highlight the consumer food waste agenda?
Elizabeth Mathie
Please feel free to put your camera on. Please pop any questions here or put your hand up to ask a question. Thank you
What are the pitfalls to avoid in pursuing increased sustainability? Any experience that people can share?
Angus Hayhow
Hi Allison, you mentioned BrewDog and McVitie’s both being B-Corp certified. There seems to be a wide variety of certifications, terminology, and accreditation schemes in the market. Do you have a sense/have any studies been done on which matter most to consumers?
Emma Whittet
Happy to send round details on our free support and advice available in food waste reduction and circular economy.
Steven Marr
sorry having to dip out. have found today very interesting. thanks to all speakers
James Last
Alex Paxton, do you have any indication of the real world cost per kWh of your CHP installation versus what this would have been through 'grid' supplied electricity? Also in choosing wood chip, was there consideration given to natural gas or other primary fuels?
Allison MacPherson
Martin Murray - The Beauty Kitchen have a refill scheme for their beauty products - happy to put you in contact
David Cook
Unfortunately we have to leave the meeting. Thank you for the invite.
Elizabeth Mathie
Details of the support and funding mentioned will be issued to all delegates tomorrow along with a link to the recording.
Henry Angus
Very interesting presentation and discussion, many thanks.
Simon McKeating
The stat. is 1 kg of food waste to landfill has the same GHGimpact as 24,000 plastic (500ml) bottles.
Shona Cherry
This is an area (accreditation for F&D) that Scotland Food & drink and Scottish Government are looking at just now as a brand marque
Karen Galloway
Thank you all very much
Thank you all