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Water Quality Board Meeting DWQ Great Salt Lake West Room 3134 - Shared screen with speaker view
Renn Lambert
Go Michigan Tech!
Wasatch CD received a draft earlier this month and have not provided any comments yet. They understood they would have more time to review the TMDL. UDAF has not seen the draft and have requested the opportunity to review it before it was presented to the Water Quality Board. UDAF would like to review and provide comments, but understand the need to move forward. We suggest either approving the TMDL to go to public comment and extending the comment time to 60 day period or giving Wasatch CD and UDAF time to review and comment and bring it back to the board next month.
Mike Luers
Jay, If the 30 day comment period has not yet started, why is an additional 30 days needed?
My mic is not working
Judy Etherington
You do have an option of a comment period of more than the minimum 30 days...
Soren Simonsen | Jordan River Commission
I would like to provide brief comment
Lisa Stevens
We'll definitely make sure to include you!