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Future Church Viewing & Conversation - Shared screen with speaker view
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
I'd love the opportunity to host trainings around evangelism for rostered minister and/or everyday Christians. Would love your ideas for good delivery system.
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
An exciting reminder that God promises a future for us and for Jesus' Church
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Tend your ember! <3
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
How do we prepare and act to be the Church that is able to connect with and welcome those we say with our lips that we want to welcome?
Matthew Williams
I'm glad Shar brought up evangelism. It's important to note that the term "Evangelism" is no longer exclusive to the Church world. Many companies today have what they call "Brand Evangelism" or "Evangelism Marketing". In fact, there are even Brand Evangelism awards by groups such as Inc. 5000 and other business groups that are given out annually. For those familiar with the Fargo area, DBI (Now owned by WEX, Inc.) has won awards for their brand evangelism multiple times. Brand evangelist mainly are there to be advocates and another arm of sales for any organization. For example 100 brand evangelists usually lead to 300 new customers. I just throw that out there as food for thought on how we can maybe connect/encourage others in this area since the term "Evangelism" in and of itself is restricted to the church anymore.
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
@Matthew Williams, that's so interesting helpful. One of the facets of innovating is to look at "alternate worlds." To notice what's happening in other sectors (not just the church world) that have points of resonance and may be useful for us to learn from.
Linda Schauer
I just had a conversation with someone in my church saying..maybe we should rename Evangelism committee... as they said that word was scary, intimidating?? Today I liked the word Innovation! The goal of 1million new people...reminded my of innovation happening in downtown Fargo and my son in law working on 1 million cups group ....I need to have a conversation with him about innovation!
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Evangelism has been such a loaded word. The language to use that invites folks to engage is important to craft carefully.
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
I like transformation even more than innovation myself. And part of connecting in Christian community with new people is that we can be transformed, and our congregation can be too. Exciting and scary.
Linda Schauer
yes transformation and connection ae great words too!! Would love to have info on this for congregations. ZOOM or recorded as we move towards new normal
Bishop Tessa Moon Leiseth
Dave Daubert
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
The Invitational Christian
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Lutheran Trump Cards: Playing Our Best Hand in the 21st Century
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
Another great resource: "Rocking the Front Porch: Sharing the Faith in the New Normal" by ELCA Pastor Jake Jacobson
Pr. Jess Daum, DEM, EaND Synod
From a seminar with Kenda Creasy Dean last week: Rather than innovation or change, consider our mission is LOVE. When the way we're trying to love someone we care about isn't working, we will change and change until it works.
Brooke Phelps
Resources then recordings for the Anxiety presentation
Sharlene Gumke
That's what I mean by evangelism...reaching out in love to start relationships with the other, to invite others to know what we know because we love them so much we can't help but want to share this Good News of Jesus with them.