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CA Housing Legislation Townhall - Shared screen with speaker view
Sharon Byrne
United Neighbors is a coalition statewide of local communities that is engaged in the 2021 CA Legislative Session.
Anna Marie Gott
You have my questions for our representatives. Do I need to post them here too?
Mary Turley
When in Sept? Early or late?
Spencer Brandt
So I’m a renter, as are around 60% of Santa Barbara City residents, and the housing shortage continues to squeeze folks like my friends and neighbors out of our community because rent is constantly rising. This makes me worry about whether or not I will be able to afford to continue living here as well. Can the council members share what they are doing to support renters like me, and maybe instead of focusing on the negatives, share some things that they are doing to to address the housing shortage?
Benjamin Kostroun
I am a renter too and I'm in favor of more housing =)
Jan Larson
It is important to recognize that SB 9 and SB 10 are not likely to create more affordable housing - they are much more likely to create housing at a cost that will be out of reach for most renters in an area like this because the developers are only going to do this at a high profit to them.
Anna Marie Gott
I believe that we need to focus more on Living Wage Ordinances rather than permitting and building unaffordable units for the vast majority of residents who will not be able to afford any units. QUESTION: Are you willing to offer amendments that would require municipalities to implement aggressive Living Wage ordinances (non-exempt) to raise the wages of our residents? ----We simply can't build what is essentially luxury housing when the cost of housing is increasingly out of reach for a substantial number of residents due to stagnant wages. The solution is to raise wages across the board and that can only happen by mandating true living wage ordinances in municipalities where anyone attempts to use bills like the ones proposed to build housing.
Benjamin Kostroun
In Europe you are allowed to build rowhouses! Those are not legal with most single family only zoning
Stanley Tzankov
Similar to Spencer's question, as a longtime renter concerned about skyrocketing rent displacing low- and middle-income tenants -- and as a staff member at CAUSE and member of the Santa Barbara Tenants Union -- I'm seriously concerned to hear what our elected officials are doing to ensure that, not only is new housing built, but that it’s affordable.
Eeva Moore
I am a Santa Barbara home owner and support more housing and urge my legislative representatives to do the same.If we truly want diversity, we cannot zone exclusively for folks who can afford single family homes in high cost areas like Montecito: we've seen how that works as housing policy in California, and it's time to try something that takes *all* Californians into account. (Also, fourplexes do not eliminate trees, that’s an absurd claim).
Rick Hall
Density does not improve affordability. Professor Patrick Condon's work on the city of Vancouver clearly shows this fact. https://www.livablecalifornia.org/vancouver-smartest-planner-prof-patrick-condon-calls-california-upzoning-a-costly-mistake-2-6-21/
Anna Marie Gott
How are you going to protect our communities from these bills?- Many of these bills will cause displacement, gentrification, unchecked demolition of the most affordable housing available for market rate housing, and significant problems for municipalities due to lack of infrastructure. At the same time they will destroy any future chance of creating more affordable housing and our neighborhoods.
Anna Marie Gott
Which of these bills have been shown to have effective housing strategies that produce affordable housing?Santa Barbara can show that its AUD housing scheme is creating luxury housing except for the developments where public funding was used by non-profits. Even JADUs and AUD are not proving to be affordable due to the cost of construction.
Anna Marie Gott
Are you willing to propose experimental housing zones where municipalities can opt in to to a exclusionary zone where these state bills do not apply develop their own policies to address creating affordable housing for low and market rate housing?This might require bringing pre-approved plans and public partnerships for JAUDs and AUDs to property owners using 3D Printing Housing Technology (see here) which would cut down on approvals, cost of building, length of time and provide funding for the project that includes a provision for affordability.
Anna Marie Gott
Are you willing to put forth amendments that would prioritize the ownership and management of affordable housing by nonprofit organizations rather than for-profit developers?
Anna Marie Gott
What can you do to help us with requiring affordable housing?The vast majority of these bills just produce market rate housing when we need affordable housing now, not in 30-40 years.
Anna Marie Gott
What can you do to help us upgrade the skills of our workforce to earn more in order to afford the market rate or current housing units?
Sharon Byrne
Senator Limon email monique.limon@sen.ca.gov and Assemblymember Bennett: steve.bennett@asm.ca.gov
Stacey Wright
Given climate change decreasing the carrying capacity of our State, why are you not focusing on population control instead?
Sharon Byrne
You can also submit your thoughts on these bills through the Legislative Portal: https://calegislation.lc.ca.gov/Advocates/faces/index.xhtml
Sharon Byrne
United Neighbors is a statewide coalition of local communities engaging in the CA 2021 legislative session. They have forums and resources on these bills: https://www.unitedneighbors.net/
Geordie Scully
Christine Vendrasco
I'm a renter too but the idea of high density housing is only great if you don't have kids. Once you have kids, it's hard to live in small apt complexes. Neighbors constantly complain about kid noises and there are no yards for kids to play. We need more affordable single family housing.
Hannah Sullivan
For Assemblymember Steve Bennett’s website contact: https://a37.asmdc.org/contact
Geordie Scully
For all comments on legislation to Senator Limóns office please send to this link: https://sd19.senate.ca.gov/contact
Jan Larson
Overdevelopment and overpopulation should be a concern for all of us in a small community with very old infrastructure, water scarcity, and in an extreme wildfire risk area - whether you are a renter or an owner and whether the housing built is affordable or not, when the sewer lines rupture, there isn't enough water, and we all cannot get out efficiently and safely during a wildfire evacuation then we all suffer.
Rick Hall
Re people with disabilities - all bills that restrict and eliminate parking are terrible for the disabled, the elderly, families with children, and blue collar workers needing trucks and other vehicles
chelsea lancaster
It’s called gentrification and it is and has been pushing out our poor, working class and BIPOC communities. I don’t see “equity” actually being addressed here AT ALL.
Stacey Wright
Will these bills allow local communities to keep their unique architectural characteristics?
max golding
Would these bills move us further toward housing financialization and commodification, or toward de-financialization and de-commodification?Would this help us develop more social housing, or more commodity-formed housing?
Stacey Wright
Why do these bills not include the funds needed for the necessary infrastructure that this increased housing will require?
Kristen Sneddon
max golding
hey tenants! join the tenants union! sbtu.org
Steve Fort
If we are this concerned about the integrity of our neighborhoods, we are certainly also against allowing vacation rentals in single family neighborhoods, right?
chelsea lancaster