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Addressing the big Return-to-Work Question: Why? - Shared screen with speaker view
Danny Lee
Hi everybody! Greetings from Singapore!
Chris Goris
Hello everyone and welcome to the webinar. We really want to hear from you in the next hour. Please put any comments you have in the chat section and ensure "all panellists and attendees" is selected. You can use the Q&A box to ask questions to our panel. Hope you enjoy the session.
Janet Horton
Interested to hear from the panel: Rather than getting ‘back’ to the regular meetings and face-to-face interactions, what alternatives to those interactions are emerging?
Gillian Wood
It’s easier to lead a team if they’re all in the same office as you. But my team is spread over a number of locations, so it’s been easier since we’re all remote from each other, and using better connectivity tools
Marie Maky
Are leaders delegating more now because they have to? What might that mean for work quality or performance?
Babette Graham
It is a good question - I feel like some aspects are easier, others are more difficult. Hard to say it is easier or more difficult overall....
Christine Callaghan
We have set up better infrastructure for checking in with teams - we know it might be difficult so we have set ourselves up for success.
Gillian Wood
Does anyone have ideas of when half the team are in the office, and half online - will the same tools still work for a sense of cohesion?
Janet Horton
Is the sense of ‘purpose’ of the team more clear in virtual settings?
Danny Lee
Interesting fact is when we were in the office, we emailed and texted each other even though we were sitting across cubicles. And sit-down meetings tend to be lengthy and unproductive. So the answer really is - it's not necessarily easier
Christine Callaghan
we are also finding out more about each other and feel more connected to each other as people.
David Holland
Its important to distinguish the “Work from Home” arrangements that many organisations are currently experiencing and were rolled out urgently, compared with a true “Remote First” purpose built experience where employees are supported with processes and tools specifically designed to enable “Work from Anywhere”.
Mary Lyras
Often this question is seen as binary - all or nothing all the time which won't be the case going forward. Interested in insights on how high value interactions might be distinguished from old routines in order to lock in the gains from this period whilst retaining social connection.
Chris Goris
Thanks to everyone participating in the chat, there are some great insights. If you have a specific question, put it in the Q&A box so it does not get lost in the chat. We will come back to questions at the end.
Chris Goris
Some great questions coming through. You can vote on which questions you want to see answered by clicking on the thumbs up icon.
Liz Schenke
Another highly valuable webinar from Stephenson Maunsell. Sincere thnx to the panelists and all involved!!
Kath Nell
thanks SMG and Mehul!
Danny Lee
Thanks everyone!
Marie Maky
Thank you to the panel for a really interesting webinar