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Allergies with Erica - Shared screen with speaker view
Rachel And Arthur
7 month old baby boy- already starting reacting to food. Doctor said it could be an intolerance more than an allergy, what is the difference?
Lina J
Hi. My 6 month old reacted to peanuts when weaning- had hives around his mouth. GP referred us for allergy testing which we don’t have much hope for as appointments take months. They also told us not to eat any nuts. I am worried that if we eliminate all other nuts for ages he will be more likely to be allergic to them. He also had eczema at 4 months and suspected cmpa. Should we cautiously try nuts? Or just go private for an appointment?
Both my boys had/have CMPA. My eldest has thankfully grown out of it but my youngest is 12 weeks and on puramino for a more severe allergy. I just wanted to know how common it is nowadays and if I have another is there a more likelihood baby will have it? My youngest’s allergy’s is so much more severe than my eldest and thankfully I got listened to quickly due to my eldest having it x
Monica Mourao
My 9 month old is allergic to Milk and Eggs (raw and cooked)
My 2yr old suddenly has skin issues, never has before and I wonder if could be the start of a food allergy?
Sarah O'Toole
My one year old son has multiple food allergies. I am concerned about in the future how we will manage eating out or children's parties - any tips would be appreciated! He is IgE to peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat, oats, fish and more and non-IgE to others, I cannot even imagine how he would be able to eat out but I don't want him to miss out.
That info about the timings for breastfeeding and allergens was super helpful thank you for providing that clarity!! :)
I meant to add my 3 year olds been able to have dairy for nearly a year but if he gets too much dairy in a day even just something like chocolate Philadelphia and cheese his poo is not mucusy but runny, is this normal? He isn’t in pain xxx
Rachel And Arthur
I think I’m going to use the power stance pose for a few different things!
My 17mo gets a rash on her face when in the vicinity of Marmite (she doesn't even need to eat it, just be near someone who is) and has recently had a similar reaction when we apply suncream. Are these allergic reactions or just skin irritations? As far as we know she is only allergic to aubergine, but does also suffer with quite severe eczema for which we've not been able to determine the cause (we have tried avoiding various food groups but no obvious cause presented). GPs only advice is to keep applying emolument creams.
Rachel And Arthur
My son reacted like that to tomatoes - my doctor said it might be an intolerance @kerry
can we give an enema to a child who has rash on the face from food allergy?
Sarah O'Toole
I am also worrying about weaning second time around. My first child as I said has multiple allergies. Would you get support second time around by a dietitian or do you wean as if everything was ok?
What about if the mum has intolerances (I'm coeliac so no gluten/wheat etc) so I've never ingested these... Should I approach this allergen in any particular way?
Catherine Sandford
my 1yr old has an egg allergy. he has now exploded in patches of eczema. any ideas why?
My daughter has been referred (now 10months) who has had a few reactions to egg. The last time we ended up with a paramedic out due to face/ear swelling.She is also currently on dairy free milk due to eczema (doctor recommended, but no follow up to this)The person I spoke to about the referral told me it’s unlikely they will test and will probably just be told to avoid food. Is there a route you would recommend to get testing done, even if we have to pay. The last reaction was very scary, and although we avoid egg is in so many things.We haven’t tried any other allergens as I’m never about them with the lack of support we have been offered so far.Also thank you for setting up these sessions!
Lucy Fensom
do you have any advice for managing day to day life after diagnosis? I have a 2 year old with severe allergies to egg, wheat and peanut. I dread all social occasions and the risk of her being exposed to her allergens
Catherine Sandford
great tip on the turmic, thanks.
Catherine Sandford
whats the sun ceam name again please?
Lucy Fensom
sun sense
Jenny Sinclair
any tips on keeping a food diary? I have an appointment in June for my baby to be seen about a possible egg allergy.
Phoebe’s iPhone
Why are more children allergic to foods? When I was in school hardly any children had allergies.
Catherine Sandford
no egg
Monica Mourao
thank you so much Erica!!!
Catherine Sandford
Monica Mourao
and the MUSH team