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ICAR Animal Data Exchange WG Meeting with ICAR Members and Chairs, Apr 23, 2020 09:00 PM Paris - Shared screen with speaker view
Brian Wickham
Can we get a copy of this presentation?
Robert Fourdraine
For those that joined late, the presentation is being recorded and will be made available to all that attend. The presentation from yesterday was also recorded.
Andrew Cooke
Here is the main repository https://github.com/adewg/ICAR
Andrew Cooke
Using this URL will let you see the example API scheme in Swagger http://editor.swagger.io/?url=https://raw.githubusercontent.com/adewg/ICAR/master/url-schemes/exampleUrlScheme.json
Andrew Cooke
From Anton/Arjan's presentation, the two URLs are: http://ade-api.azurewebsites.net/ for the example web service, and http://ade-client.azurewebsites.net/is the client (a single page application - SPA)
Brian Wickham
How can users be confident in the long term maintenance of these standards?
Brian Wickham
How do you feel about the response to these webinars?
Brian Wickham
Why would an organisation not use these standards?
Brian Wickham
How are the recording and sensor equipment manufacturers responding to these standards becoming available?
Peter Boyle
Adoption will be a marathon rather than a sprint. Do you have the backing / funding to promote this widely and for a long time?
Brian Wickham
Robert and Andrew - why do your employers support your voluntary involvement in developing these standards?
Robert Fourdraine
For those interested in continuing to be part of the communication regarding ADE, the working group will schedule another webinar on June 9th.
Brian Wickham
Thank you. I am greatly encouraged by these developments and the quality of your presentation. You have hit the nail on the head!