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Pure Montana Tales presents: Animal Warning Systems with Erick Greene - Shared screen with speaker view
Karen White
I need a Red-tailed Hawk robot for the CA Ground Squirrels!
Dennis Noson
Is there a proximity pecking order in mobbing events?
Tanja Oomen
We don’t have stellar jays here in Ontario as far as I know, but lots of blue jays, is their alarm call the same?
Anne Bettinger
I witnessed a Mourning Dove freeze while sitting on a bird feeder that was really too small for it. All the small birds had fled, the rest of the Dove flock had fled, and he was stuck on the feeder. He froze for 8 minutes, never moved at all, and then left over the top of my house. The nearby raptor was probably a Coopers Hawk, common in my neighborhood.
Dianne Barnes
What can we do to persuade you to do a Molli class?
Dwight Thomas
how do you measure response intensity?
Karen White
Grace Walhus
Thank you, Dr. Greene! This was so informative!!
Shelby Smith
Wow that’s awesome! Thank you, see you tomorrow in class!
Doreen Fairbank
Thanks from NC!
Sara Schmidt
Thank you all for joining us tonight! To learn more about Erick's work and the University of Montana's Bird Ecology Lab, visit http://hs.umt.edu/birdecologylab/. To learn more about the host organizations, become members, and stay in-the-know about upcoming Pure Montana Tales events, visit blackfootchallenge.org and crcmt.org.
Carol Tomko
Thank you from Louisiana
Nikea Ulrich
So awesome! Incredible research. Thank you Erick!!
Seth Wilson
Thank you Erick for your Rockstar science and amazing presentation this evening. We are so fortunate to have your insights and amazing observations, from here in our backyards and woods to the global scale.
Cheryl Crawford
Are there different bird vocalizations in response to ground predators?
Doreen Fairbank
When do you think IRIS will return?
Linda Gilmore
Is there a mammal danger call that birds respond to?
Jennifer Driscoll
Is extremely good eyesight typical in forest birds in general because you mentioned them spotting flying raptors.
Carol Lyne Sumner
Thank you from NC..
Karen White
Thank you, Erick! Amazing research and very helpful to birders in the field. I'm in awe of how little we know about animal communication and their secret lives. Keep up the great work.
Jean Pocha
It seems like chickadees make a chicka dee dee dee call when I come out of the house. Are people considered dangerous? How to distinguish between normal conversation and alarm calls?
Karen Kohlhagen
This is fascinating! Thank you for sharing your studies!
Sara Schmidt
Also - this presentation has been recorded, so if you'd like to watch again or share with fellow bird lovers, we hope you do! It will be available on our website soon and we will also share with all registrants via email. Thanks again, all!
Dianne Barnes
After a raptor makes a kill, do the forest sounds return to normal quickly?
Sandra Roe
Fascinating studies and a great presentation. Thanks so much Eric and Elaine and Pure Montana Tales!
Anne Powell
The musician (Ben) mentioned in the video about the rap and the NYTimes articles is now coordinating with the Cornell Ornithology lab to do zoom presentations about the bio-acoustics of various animals—birds, whales, gibbons, etc.— in which he creates the same sort of music in the video shown tonight. Those were my first intro to bio-acoustics. Tonight’s event added a great deal. Excellent presentation. Thank you!
Greg Greene
Thanks Bro! Always fascinating!
Diann Heivilin
Thanks so much. I'll share the link to the website video with others!
Linda Gilmore
Thank you for a very interesting session. So much more to learn.
Susan Lenard
Great presentation! Thanks so much for sharing.
Anne Bettinger
Thank you Erick! Great seeing you!
Gary Peterson
Great presentation! I’m in the woods everyday listening to the birds in South Carolina and have observed some of the behaviors of the birds alarm system. It was great to see you Erick. My Scottish Terrier was very impressed with the bird calls. He went nuts with the Rap song. Take care.
Anne Bettinger
Do the medium birds know the difference between and Osprey and a similar sized predator bird who might be interested in them?
Karen Kohlhagen
ooo good osprey question above
Dianne Barnes
Thank you so much Erick!
Sharon Leigh Miles
Thank you, Dr. Greene. A wonderful learning opportunity.
Cheryl Crawford
Thank you so much for this presentation!
Linda Gilmore
Pure thoughts & a worthy mate for Iris. She needs another Stanley.
Seth Wilson
Again, thank you Eric...what a fantastic reminder to listen as the natural world speaks to us in so many ways.
Tanja Oomen
Thank you so much. You have sparked my interest in birds through your osprey cam related work and furthered it here tonight.
Rachel Feigley
Awesome presentation, thank you BC and CRC!